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Update your Hangouts Profile

Google Hangouts is a Google free service, which can be used by any google users and they can enjoy the awesome features like video calling, voice calling with the instant messaging(chat) service. users can set their hangout profile, set some basic things for their hangouts like users can mute their hangouts notification if they are busy somewhere and many more.

Google hangouts can be used by any google user to chat, voice call and video calls. It is  free service of google and pretty easy to use it.

Let see how to update your hangouts profile.

Hangouts is present in left side of the gmail page as shown in the screenshot below:

Hangouts profile

Or you can also open the separate hangouts page and open the hangouts profile settings.

hangouts seperate page profile


As you can see in the settings, its very easy  to update the settings as settings are mentioned perfectly.

You can write your status which all other users can see, if you are busy then you can write  “I am busy” and other will see and will not disturb you.

Lets discuss all present settings in the profile.

Show when you were last seen: Enabling this option will show your last online time to your partners./colleagues. Example: If you were online 15 mins ago, then your friends will see that you were online “last seen 15 mins ago”.

last seen

Show which Device you’re on(Phone, tablet or computer): Enabling this will show you and your friends, on which device your colleague is using while chatting or calling you on hangouts.

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Show when you’re in video or phone call on your devices : If you are already in a video call or phone call, the other user can see this information.


Mute notifications for: If you want to stay silent for a some time or you are busy then you can mute your hangouts and check the messages later.

Sounds for incoming messages: Enabling this will set the sound (a short ping tone) for every hangouts message you will receive.

Ring on incoming phone calls: This option will enable the ringing tone for your incoming calls.


Convert text to emoji: As it says, in the chat you can type the short keywords to write the emojis ‘;-)’ will get convert into  😉  in the chat, You will not need to search the emoji if you know the short keys

Use dense roster: You will see the compact arrangement of users in your hangouts.

Dense roster profile

Archived Hangouts: Here you can see all messages which you have archived previously.

Invites: You can see all pending invites.

Hidden contacts: You can see all hidden contacts for your hangouts profile. You can make those  contacts visible again in your list.

Blocked users: You can see all blocked contacts of your hangout profile here and you can unblock the contacts.

Customise invite settings: You can set/update the invite settings here.

Customise invitation setting

Sign out of Hangouts- If you want to stay online in your mail box but does not want to access hangouts, you can sign out from hangouts and you will be offline in hangouts.

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