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Now add people in ongoing Meet video meeting

Previously we have already discussed the new hangouts video application Google Meet. In which we have seen that adding new people was not possible while the meeting is already ongoing. Google has come up with this feature now.  Now you can add/invite the users directly to the ongoing Hangouts Meet.

On the right-hand side when you see the people list, you can see a new tab in the list called “Add People”.

Add people directly from the call


Click on the tab and you will see a new tab opening in the meet window to invite people or call users in the meetings. To invite people to the meeting, you need to just enter the email address of the user or choose from the auto-completion list when you enter the email address.

Once you select the user, a detailed mail will be sent to the user for joining the meeting.

Enter the person's name, email address, or phone number

Or to call users on the phone to join the meet video call. You can just put the number in the Call tab and they will instantly get the call to join the meeting but they will only join as audio participants, they cannot see the video or shared screeen in the meeting.

Please follow the Below steps to add users on the phone

When starting a new Meeting

  • Click on ‘Add People’.
  • Then go for the option ‘Call’.
  • Then select the country of the user whom you are calling to add the country code in the call.
  • Then put the phone number of user and select call.
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When you are already in the meeting

  • Check the people list on the right side of the meet call window.
  • Click add People (Add people) tab in the top of the sidebar.
  • Select ‘Call’ in the new popped up window.
  • Select the country of the user to add the country code in the number.
  • Fill the number and click on Call.
  • If need to put another additional number i.e. – extension, click Dial.

Once you follow these steps, the user will get a call on his phone and he/she can join the call (as audio only).

Important points to note:- 

Once the user rejects the call to join the meeting, they cannot join the call by dialing the number from where they received a call. This number is randomly generated number by the meet.

This join meeting directly via phone is still not available to many countries. Google is working on the this and will add them in the list in future.

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