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New meeting layouts with Hangouts Meet

Video conferencing is the daily need for a business or organization and hangouts meet is one of the widely used platforms in the market.

As Google always update the features, UI of the services to make it more user-friendly and make the service effective. This time Google has made some awesome changes to make the meetings more effective. These changes will make your meeting more interactive and productive.

Hangouts meet has already launched these new layouts to the end users. Let’s see the new layouts in details:


Spotlight layout turns the speaker/presentation on the full meet screen. This layout comes in picture when:

  • You are in meeting with only one participant.
  • You have pinned someone from the meeting members and there is no active speakers.

Tiled layout:

This layout makes the meeting more interactive, now with this layouts, people can see each other more clearly while in the meeting. This layout shows 4 participants on the screen when no one presenting anything.

Side by side Layout :

This is the layout when someone starts presenting something in the meeting. Hangouts meet shows the presentation and also keep the speakers on the right side panel in a larger format.

This enhances the productivity of the meeting as participants can see the speakers while they are presenting.

Sidebar layout: 

This is the similar layout which we were seeing before, this layout shows the participants in the rectangular tiles in the right sidebar. This is the default layouts in case of larger meetings.

This feature is rolled out to end users by default for normal as well as Gsuite user. For G- Suite admins, no need to change anything in the console.

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As these layouts have been rolled already, Experience these new layouts and let us know in the comments section below if you like this.

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