Google Hangouts Tips N Tricks

Some cool Hangouts tricks you should know

Hangouts is one of the best services of Google for its users. This is the upgraded version of Google chat with many upgraded features, but many people still call it GChat. For them, Google chat is dead, now it’s time for Hangouts.

There are so many features which you still does not know about. Here we will see some cool hangouts features, which you probably never tried.

1. Texts styles in Hangouts chats.

You can do some basic styling with text, while you chat with your friends in hangouts.  There are some basic styling you can do with your keyboard i.e. ‘ctrl+b’ for making the text bold.

Shortcut Windows Mac
Bold Ctrl + b ⌘ + b
Italicize Ctrl + i ⌘ + i
Underline Ctrl + u ⌘ + u

2. Draw and send a doodle

Have you seen a pencil icon in Hangouts window? Yes, this is the drawing option, when you click on it, you will get a drawing area in your Hangouts window. Now you can draw a doodle or anything and send it.

3. Chat with Emoji

Emoji is the best way to express your words. Hangouts give you a vast emoji inventory for its user, where you can find all user’s expressions with many others human experiences. You can access the emoji inventory by clicking on the smiley icon present in the left corner of the Hangout chat window. Clicking on the smiley icon will open emoji library, where you can see many tabs to change your smiley references like minions or some other cartoon characters etc.

4.  Enjoy Hidden Animation within your Hangout Window

Hangouts developer are very enthusiastic to fun, so they have embedded the animations with the short frequent messages. You will get different animations for different messages in your Hangouts window. Try the below  messages with your friends

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Happy Birthday


Happy New Year



5. Send Photos(or Gif) with your hangouts

You can send photos in your Hangouts conversation, click on the little mountain image in the bottom right corner of your Hangouts window and you will get options to add your photos. Let’s see these options

Upload Photos- You can upload photos from your computer. Click on ‘select a photo from your computer, ‘ and it will show a window to browse and select a photo, Or you can directly drag and drop your photo from the computer.

Auto Backup- This shows you the list of all backed up photos from your Android device.

Photos- This will show the photos stored in the Google Photos account.

Albums- Photos organized in a particular place, it also shows a collection of photos of chat for a particular person. 

Video Search – It gives you the option to add the youtube videos or any online videos (not your videos from the computer).

Web Camera – It gives you the option to take a still from your web camera.

6. make a free video call

Yes !! you heard it right, you can video chat with anyone free. Just click on the video camera option of the person in your contact list. We have already listed all the steps for making video calls here


In addition to these tricks, there are some other tricks to block people in hangouts, make a phone call through Hangouts, etc. You can check out the hangouts setting with some tricks here.

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