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WhatsApp Avatars

Whatsapp avatars

We’re thrilled to introduce avatars to WhatsApp today as a fresh, unique means of self-expression.

Your avatar is a digital representation of yourself that may be made from countless combinations of various face characteristics, hairstyles, and clothing. You may now use your unique avatar as your WhatsApp profile photo or pick one of 36 custom stickers that represent a variety of emotions and behaviours.

Sending an avatar to friends and family is a quick and enjoyable method to express emotions. It can also be a terrific method to represent oneself so that it feels more private without using your actual photo.

This will be many people’s first experience making an avatar, and we’ll keep delivering style improvements like lighting, shading, different hair textures, and more to make avatars even better over time.

The ability to create and share avatars will be available to all users starting today. We hope you enjoy doing so.

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