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Hangout as a Chrome Extension

In this modern world we all uses so many social media applications, and our phones are filled with so many instant messaging applications like Whatsapp, Line, Messenger, Hike and so many more.

In this modern day competition innovation is a key idea, and Google has proved this again and again. One of their products which were the first to come is the hangout service which is also an instant messaging application like so many others, and you can have an instant chat with anyone who is online, and you have them in your Google+ list or you have their emails.


But this product of Google was not popular like its other products, so Google has come up with a new strategy to introduce hangout as an extension for chrome and now you can do lots more, which will surely make hang out one of the popular main stream application for instant messaging.

Last month in the update, google hangout was announced as an extension which will have more than just some instant messaging and will have more feature and better group chat controls.

To make the things even easier they have launched the same for the Android and iOS web version too, which is now said available in the Google extension page and anyone can download it for

In this latest update, which has been rolled out since 31st August 2016, people can do many things like:

  • Using hang out for the people who already have this application as a chrome extension and also share the help center article with one another helping them in need,
  • Chrome app will now use this application to manage all the data centrally using the Google cloud back up and services which is one of the most popular features.
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As of default, this will be the default messaging application for chrome as of 17th October 2016, and will have a gradual roll out, which will have potential availibitly from the day three of its release.


Recently Google has also released two new application – Google allo and Google duo, two separate application one for instant messaging and one for instant video chat with friends and groups and is available in the play store.

Now with this new features in min, Google is most certainly going to capture the instant messaging services to their own and will through their competitors in array. It is just a matter of time, till which we will come to know about the people’s opinion.

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