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Improved WhatsApp Calling

improved whatsapp calling

Although WhatsApp is best known for providing users with private and secure messaging, an increasing number of individuals are using WhatsApp to make and receive voice and video conversations. For this reason, we’ve introduced a number of upgrades to WhatsApp calling over the course of this year so you can stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers while staying secure.

We’ve added new features to improve group communication on calls:

Upto 32 People: Similar to phone conversations, you may now make video calls on your mobile device with up to 32 individuals, which is four times as many as previously.

Mute or message participants while on calls: You can magnify the video or audio feed and mute or message each person independently while the calls are still active by long pressing on a participant.

Call Link: You may simply invite individuals to a group call by sharing a call link, whether you’re making a last-minute call or making one in advance.

For a more seamless calling experience, we’ve also made the following design changes:

Colorful waveforms: If their camera is off, you can now quickly tell who is speaking.
Banner notifications for in-callers: Now you can easily to see if anyone new joins a group call.
On iOS, Picture in Picture: Currently in beta testing and will be released in the coming year, you may easily multitask while on a conversation. Thanks to picture in picture for reduce on-screen time.

As always, end-to-end encryption is the default setting for all WhatsApp calls to safeguard users’ security and privacy.

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Next year, we’ll continue to provide high-quality, private calling on WhatsApp from anywhere in the world while also making improvements.

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