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Google slides featured imageHeard the death bell of the Microsoft’s prestigious power point presentations? It could be louder as Google slides are making headways in a faster pace.

Google masters slide show

master sheet

 The conventional way of picking a template and start making new slides is almost faded off with Google slides. With Google master slides you can create customised templates.  An image, letterhead, logo or number can be easily incorporated with Google master slides. The new slides layout will have the images or views selected from the master slides. Keeping your slides design relevant, engaging and captivating is within your slide rule now. More people can work and edit on the same slide platform now.

Embedding videos, charts, spreadsheets or graphs

With the Google slides, embedding of YouTube Videos, charts, spreadsheets or graphs is possible into Google Slides. To include a chart from a sheet just select ‘insert’, then select ‘sheet’ and select a sheet.  Similarly graphs, sheets, videos etc van be done. Whenever any correction, captioning or update is made on the sheet or video that will automatically reflect in the slide. This feature is ideal for a business presentation wherein the data is being updated real time.

video and charts in slides

The Question and Answer niche

The question and answer session introduced is an innovative move to keep the audience involved. The audience especially in a large group or hang out can ask questions or clarifications using their devices. The audience can do this by going into the ‘Presenter View” option. Then they have to select the “Audience Tab’. By clicking the ‘Start New’ button, a particular URL will be generated, and the question and answer session start. The audience tools facilitate monitoring of new questions.

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Communication even with an anonymous person in the audience

google slides presenter view

Interacting and involving the audience, hitherto unavailable in the slideshows so far is altogether a novel initiative by Google. Google slide brings back confidence to the knock knees. The feedback from the audience without a microphone or a moderator becomes a new milestone in slideshow management.

Expand further to Google hangout

Your big ideas and stories can be presented on a hangout of iOS or Android system. For the moderate, even a laser point on the web is provided. The zooming and out of the slide is a convenient feature. The slide master bringing in a new screen for editing etc. is possible. The new masking system can hide certain parts of the slide conveniently by crop and shape tools. The usually hard lines configuration with due prominence is a welcome move.

Even more adjustments

The change of font size, indent, etc. is accessible with the keyboard shortcut (CTRL, shift and < or >. The duplication of images is also possible using keyboard shortcuts. You can choose any colour or shade with the paint bucket.

Google is becoming formidable with new features, tools and innovations on almost day to day basis, making the catching up for the competitors difficult. And the Google slides is yet another classical example in that direction.





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