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WhatsApp introducing end-to-end shopping with JioMart.

In India, users will be able to explore the JioMart catalogue, add items to their basket, and pay to finalise purchases—all inside WhatsApp—as we introduce the first end-to-end shopping experience.

Simply saying “Hi” to the JioMart number on WhatsApp will allow users in India to begin shopping on JioMart.

People in India, especially those who have never shopped online before, will be able to easily browse through JioMart’s whole grocery catalogue thanks to JioMart on WhatsApp.
Without leaving the WhatsApp discussion, customers can add things to their cart and make a payment to finish the purchase.

whatsapp jiomart grocery catalog

whatsapp payment for purchase

The launch is a result of a strategic alliance between Meta and Jio Platforms, which aims to hasten India’s digital transformation and give individuals and organisations of all sizes the chance to connect in novel ways that will stimulate the nation’s economy.

"Our goal is to make India the foremost digital society in the world.
Mark and I shared a goal for getting more individuals and companies online and developing genuinely creative solutions that will improve the daily life of every Indian when Jio platforms and Meta announced our alliance in 2020.
The first-ever end-to-end shopping experience with JioMart on WhatsApp is one illustration of an innovative consumer experience that we are proud of creating.
The JioMart on WhatsApp experience strengthens our commitment to provide millions of Indians with an easy and comfortable method to shop online."

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director, Reliance Industries

The JioMart on WhatsApp experience will transform how millions of companies in India interact with their customers while delivering unmatched ease and convenience to people’s buying experiences.

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Simply saying “Hi” to the JioMart number on WhatsApp will allow users in India to begin shopping on JioMart.

To start the shopping on WhatsApp Jio Mart, follow the below steps:

  • Save JioMart’s phone number (+917977079770) on your phone or click this link to get started.
  • Send “Hi” to this Number right away on whatsApp.
  • After that, select “Get Started”.
  • Click “View catalogue” to continue.

Say Hi to whatsapp Jiomart

View catalog on whatsapp Jiomart

  • Now, you may browse a variety of product categories, including those for fruits and vegetables, everyday items, branded meals, and more.
  • To add a product to your cart, click the plus sign next to it.
  • Once all the necessary items have been added, select “SEND TO BUSINESS”.
  • Click “Provide address” at this time.


Add to catalog whatsapp jiomart

Add address on whatsapp jiomart

  • After that, choose the delivery address for the goods and press “Send address.”
  • After that, press “Confirm” to verify your address.
  • Click “Add/Alter Address” if you want to change your address.
  • You must now pay for your purchases.
  • You have the option of paying via JioMart, WhatsApp, or cash on delivery.

The order will be confirmed and delivered on schedule once the payment has been made and confirmed.

Now, you know how to shop with whatsapp, Lets Start shopping with whatsapp jiomart and tell us your experience in comments

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