Google Workspace : A collaborative platform

An Introduction:

Google Apps for Business become Google Apps for Work and then it become G-Suites and now it’s called Google Workspace.This gives us a collaborative platform which is needed for any company to work effortlessly without switching to different different platforms.  This is  collection of applications of cloud computing productivity. It can also be stated as combination of applications and programs offered on subscription basis by Google.

Popular web applications included:

The excellent thing about Google workspace is that it encompasses web applications like Google Docs, Calendar, Hangouts, Drive and of course Google mail. It is true that the thing that will now be running in your mind is that when these applications are offered by Google for free, why opt for Google Workspace with these applications by paying for the same? The reason is that the combination of tools comes with features that are specific to businesses like customized email address at your domain.

Domain selelction
In addition, the other attractive features offered by Google are email support, round-the-clock phone support and a minimum of 30 GB of storage for email and documents. In addition, the data related to the users will be hosted in Google’s network of data centers as against the inhouse servers that are used traditionally by many companies.

This is why it is stated that Google for Work follows a different approach as compared to normal office productivity tools. As per a report shown by Google, more than 5 million companies from around the world make use of these Google applications, which encompasses 60% of fortune 500 companies.

Why is Google Workspace Essential?

If you are thinking whether it is time to switch to Google Workspace and whether it is actually essential, here are some points to denote the importance of this product from Google for you:

Cloud Computing is a part and parcel of Google:

Google has been doing cloud computing for more than a decade now and so it is possible for the technical people working for Google to easily identify any new features that will be useful from the context of business, in such a way that they can be refined and can be provided to their customers in the best manner possible. Also, this is possible within a very short period of time. This means that when you opt for this product, you will always be close and updated with technology.

Google Workspace tutorials

Improved productivity:

Web is the center point of innovation and the multi-talent infrastructure from Google, this suite is designed in such a way that businesses can force their improvements to their entire customer base within a short iteration cycle. This means that new functionality can be experienced on a weekly basis as the systems maintained by Google are able to distribute updates in an efficient manner.

For instance, when we take the case of year 2009, the company introduced nearly 100 improvements and the users of Google workspace need not had to manage any of the upgrades. On the other hand, companies relying on traditional servers, update the servers once in 5-7 years mainly because of the long release cycles. In addition, the toughness associated with it and the costs associated with embedding upgrades are huge. These things will not have to be faced when you opt for Google Apps for Business.

Adoption of new functionality with less disruption:

As compared to traditional technology cycles, you should opt for Google Workspace because of its rapid innovation powered by the cloud.

So, for the reasons stated above and also due to other reasons like easier productivity from anywhere, faster collaboration, protection to customers, lesser storage of data in vulnerable devices, higher reliability and uptime, extensive flexibility and control are the other reasons why you should be opting for Google workspace. Now, it is time to understand the benefits of this service offered by Google, such that you can arrive at more informed decision with respect to opting for this suite.

Benefits of Google Workspace:

Stay clear of any backup nightmares:

Google Cloud

As it is a cloud-based tool, you can stay clear of server headaches. In addition, your service team can also focus on the core operations pertaining to your business. As Google has a very good experience in cloud storage, your corporate documents are stored by the name you trust. This means that you can stay clear of any backup fears.

Synchronization across all your online business tools:

Apart from the benefits stated earlier, another important benefit associated with Google workspace is that it syncs across your Google drive with all your documents, your email, your calendar and also your hangouts. All these contacts are important for your business calls and messages, isn’t? This means that you can stay clear of all your other systems and can focus on the core aspects pertaining to your business with a single streamlined product.

You can work cooperatively:

As this is a cloud based platform, it will be possible for your team to work simultaneously within the same document. This means that they need not have to send each other multiple corrections and versions. This can be an excellent advantage for teams working for businesses and particularly, this will be of great help to teams that work remotely and cannot come together to make changes in important business documents.

No or minimal learning curve:

Generally, when it comes to training your team with respect to using a new system, it can be a real time drain. When you move to this collaborative platform, you are moving to a platform with applications that your employees will be already aware of or the ones that they are comfortable with. This means that most people these days have a personal gmail account and also they have an understanding of how to use calendar, Google Drive and many other related applications from Google. So, there is no or just a minimal learning curve involved.


Google workspace is an excellent team solution, but when it comes to personalization, it is even better. This means that you can customize the application to fit the requirements of your team. In addition, there is a wide range of applications that comes along with this platform to check out.

Google’s guarantee:

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, when you opt for this platform, you can get the Google guarantee that their applications and everything that you store in the Cloud through this platform will be available to you 99.9% of the time. This means that you will experience just 10-15 minutes of downtime as against the average 60-150 minutes of both planned and unplanned downtime you will experience when you opt for typical on-site email servers.

Mobile access:

Cloud storage

Another important benefit associated with this platform is that you can access everything right from Google Calendar, email and applications in this suite anywhere simply form your mobile phone.

Unlimited number of user accounts:

When the number of reliable people grows on and on for your business, you can create an unlimited number of user accounts when you opt for this platform. Also, you will be surprised to know that each user will get 25 GB of email space, which will be of great help to your business development.

Efficiency with high valued tasks:

With this platform, each user will get to see that this platform offers a very intuitive user experience. In addition, as it is on cloud, there is no need of any time to be spent by the user for updates as they are automatically and regularly installed. Also, as it comes with a very fast search tool, you can gather details in a jiffy. This in turn will automatically ensure improved productivity and happier workspace.

With these things understood about this Google admin console, you might be thinking about the suitability of the platform and who can use it. Let us find the answer here:

Who can use Google Workspace?

Earlier, as it was named as Google apps for business, it was considered to be useful only for businesses. But, now Google has changed the name as Google workspace. This means that any individual working either on his own or even when he is working for an organization can use this platform to complete all tasks related to the job in a professional manner and with utmost perfection. So, when talking about the suitability, besides being highly beneficial for businesses, this platform can be of great help to working professionals as well. To gather more details about this platform, read on:

What makes this platform different?

A pioneer in cloud technology, this is a trusted product from a trusted brand with an established cloud infrastructure, this platform sets it apart from similar ones available in the market. In addition, the Google applications that you will get along with this platform are designed as cloud-based services and so the service department in organizations need not have to spend time and money in effective maintenance of their desktop components.

Other aspect that set apart this platform is that it comes as a complete package. The suite encompasses file storage and sharing with video meetings, real-time collaboration with Google documents and drive. Many other features are also offered at a single price. In addition, the users of Google Applications will be in a position to get the same experience across varied devices, browsers and operating systems.

Besides these things, another aspect that sets apart this platform is that the offline support offered by Google, which lets users to view, edit and also create content when they are not on the web. Also, automatic synchronization will take place when they reconnect to the web.

Should you buy entire suite, when you need a single application:

Yes, even when you feel that only one application that comes along with platform will be helpful for your business, you have no other option other than buying it as a whole. The reason for this is that Google applications are designed as all-inclusive solution with combined applications that can work together flawlessly.

For example, when you receive a message asking for some work to be completed within these many days, you can instantly convert the same into calendar event. Also, when you add any comments to the slides, sheets and docs created by other users, they will automatically receive mail alerts regarding your comments. Also, right form your calendar of inbox, you can instantly launch hangouts. So, when this suite is used as a complete package, it will contribute a great share towards improving your business productivity, while bringing ideal value for your business. However, you can purchase the suite as a whole and can make use of applications that you think will alone be useful for your business.

But if you are willing to first try the whole suite, you can register it for trial period. Google gives 14 days trial period to users get acquainted with their services, so register google Workspace now and experience the google apps suite for free.

Domain through Google Apps:

google apps admin

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On signing up for Google admin console, you can buy a new domain with one of the domain host partners of Google. Once this is done, the company will automatically set up Gmail for your domain and will also provide you with the complete control over its settings. Even though, this suite does not help with hosting websites, but Google has association with companies, who can offer hosting and the same can be easily integrated with Google Applications.

Rely exclusively on Google:

Once you begin using this platform, you will find that you will slowly get of the existing suites and will start to rely completely on Google applications and services like slides, sheets, documents, etc. In addition, you can work on them on real time with other people and can store the created content online on the Google Drive. As against traditional office applications, you need not have to install any software and the content in the drive will work on any system. In addition, the applications that come along with this platform will be compatible with files that are created with the help of other programs like Microsoft Office applications.

So, with these much usefulness associated with platform, nothing will prevent you from opting for this suite, isn’t?

Workspace console

Google workspace suite offers the console to manage the users present in your domain and provided google app services.  Let’s explore these modules in details.            





Admin Roles

Device Management 



Company Profile

Google Services

We have seen, how to manage the google apps domain as administrator. Now we will learn all google services provided to users. All google services has many features embedded in it. We will discuss all service features. All Users can use these feature while accessing these services.




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