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Gmail Themes: Make your gmail interface attractive

One of the factor of effective work is to work with a better UI. It will keep lighten your mood and you can work more effectively. So make your gmail interface better. Google has given many gmail themes, just select your favorite theme.

Gmail Themes

For updating gmail theme you need to go to gmail settings(gear symbol on the top-right corner).

Now there are 2 routes to go to themes window

  1. Go to themes

Gmail settings


  1. Go to Settings > Themes > set themes



Both navigation will take you to the same theme window. where you can select themes as per your choice.

gmail themes


You can see preview in your gmail interface once you click on particular theme. and if you like the theme, click on ‘save’ on the bottom left corner of the theme pop up window. You can see more themes on clicking more images.

more images


You can select any themes from featured list of gmail themes , you can upload your own photo and use as theme.

my photos


After clicking on more images, you will be redirected to list to featured gmail themes, you can select the theme by clicking on particular theme and again click on select button on the bottom left corner of the popped up window.

you can see the options in the above My photos, upload a photo, paste a URL etc. You can choose/upload your own photos here and use as gmail theme.

You can also go to the upload your photos page by clicking My photos on the bottom right corner.

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gmail themes


After uploading the photo or selecting the photo from featured gmail themes list, click on select, it will show preview in your interface.



After selecting the best one, click on save and your gmail interface will be customized with your selected theme. We will see customizing and sharing of your themes to your colleagues in the next tutorial.

If you have any doubt, please comment below !! Thank You



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