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New Gmail UI and features

Google has updated all it’s services in the last few months and made it more user-friendly. Google has updated many features along with the new UI. As Google has added new features, many people don’t know or sometimes gets confused with the settings. We will discuss the new features and how to set those features.

  • Side Bar apps

This is the best feature of Google, which can be seen in all Google services like Gmail, Google calendar, sheets, etc. This has been added by Google to improve the multitasking feature with its services. Google has added 3 apps by default Google calendar, Google Keep, and Google Task. These apps can be accessed within the other Google service. Other add-ons can also be added using the “+” sign below the listed apps in the sidebar.

Google Calendar add-on in the side bar is a best feature for managing your meetings of the days. You can quickly add a event in your calendar, modify your events while you are in your mail page.

Google keep is the best alternative for the Google Task which we were using previously. with this, we can note some important points when we are in a different service like Gmail and calendar. The best thing about the keep is, you can access Keep anywhere through web or app.

Google Task is the same add-on which we were using in the previous Gmail interface. It can only be accessed in the Gmail page.

Auto Completion Feature / Smart Compose

We have already seen smart reply feature previously and everyone must have used this feature. This feature was launched with ‘Inbox by Gmail’ and after some time was integrated with the normal Gmail. Now Google has also launched a similar type of feature which helps the user to work faster and smarter with Gmail. This is one of the best features of Google, Google has enabled this feature to help it’s users to write email faster. Google suggests the phrases as you start typing your mail. Google uses machine learning to show you the suggestion.

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This is an account base feature so everyone can use this feature. If you are not seeing this option in your Gmail, this feature must be off in the settings. You can enable this by going to the following option.

Gmail > Settings > Smart Compose > writing Suggestions on.
Gmail > Settings > Smart Composition Personalization > Personalization On

This setting will help you to write your mail in your style. Google machine learning will show you the suggestions as per your mailing style.

Display Density

Display density is the settings through which you can set the UI for your Inbox. You can go to display density by following the path: Go to Settings >> Display Density.

Once you choose this option, you can see 3 options to choose.

Default: This is the default view which we see in the new Gmail UI, we can see the attachments in the mail UI, we don’t need to open the mail to see the attachments.
Comfortable: This view shows the attachments as the clip icon on the right side of the mail and results that it shows more emails in the inbox page.
Compact: This view designed to show more numbers of emails in the Inbox page.

Users can choose the best view as per their requirement.

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