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10 Hidden Tips n Tricks of Gmail

Gmail is a platform for communication to the users, google has provided many features to gmail users for more effective and secure communication. Here we will see some good features which many people doesn’t know about it yet.

  1. Anyone Else is using your account  😯

You can check if your account is used by someone else. You can see the location and IP of the user if anyone else has logged in your account. Login to your account and see in bottom right corner, you will see last account activity details, click on account details.  you can see all login details for your account with location, IP, date and time in a new pop up tab. If you see any suspicious activity on your account, you can secure your account by clicking ‘sign out of all other web sessions’. Google will sign out all sessions of gmail except the one you are using.  You can set alert for suspicious activity in your account in this page.Gmail account Activiry details

  1. Unread Message number on Tabs

Google labs has lots of features for gmail, One of the interesting feature is unread message icon. After enabling this feature you can see the unread mails numbers in your tab title.

Unread message icon


  1. Undo sent mails

Regretting after sending mails ?!!.. sent to different person or forget to cc, Don’t worry we have a solution. You can undo your sent message, enable the undo send option from your gmail settings. You can set the undo send settings for maximum period of 30 secs.

UNdo send


  1. Make a TO-DO list in the Task bar.

Always forgets about the tasks in hurry, make a note of it in the task bar of gmail and cut off the lines one by one. Click on the mail option drop down in the left top corner, you will see 3 options, Mail, Contacts and Task. Click on task. One pop-up will come in the bottom-right corner. Make a list and strike down/remove one by one after completing.

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  1. Send Emails From Different different Addresses.

You can add and verify an email address, and then you can send mail through that address, when you will compose mail, you will see drop-down to select the email address to sent the mail. You can add another email address for sending mail  by going to accounts and import under gmail settings.

Go to gmail settings (Gear symbol) > Accounts and Import > Send mail as (add the other address and verify it.)

send mail as


  1. Snooze your emails

Too many mails !! snooze your email, set reminder for your email with Snooze Your email for gmail chrome extension. So install this extension and don’t miss a party invitation 🙂

Snooze your mail for gmail

  1. Do you know, Your account address has one default alias

Google has lot of mystery, your account does have a alias, Before 2010, Google email service was Google mail (not gmail), and the associated domain was, So when we register it also book a address and our account gets a alias. So sending mails to or will get deliver to the same address.

google mail

  1. Dots does not matter in your email address

Have you seen something extra in the above screenshot. I sent mail from to and the mail is delivered to the same inbox.  So don’t ever worry about dots, you can put dot wherever you want in your email id and use for communication. mails will belong to the same inbox.


  1. Mute the Irrelevant mails.

Sometimes its irritating if some mail threads are constantly getting mails and its not relevant to your work. Mute that mail, all mails will be archived automatically skipping inbox. Select the mail and Click on more on the top options bar and click MUTE.

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Mute mail


  1. List all Active devices

You can see the list of devices from where your account has been accessed, Go to Devices & Activity and see the list of devices used to access your account in last 28 days. If you find any suspicious activity, click on the ‘secure your account’  and you will be taken to the page to reset your password and details to secure your account.

device and activity


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