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Google Drive Incorporates Google Search

People who are using Google chrome as their primary browser might have seen some significant changes in the browser, and recently many people have raised question about Google chrome’s latest august update of permanently disabling the backspace button as the back button in any browser, where the users have lost many critical data in the past, and Google have finally disabled the option permanently.

In the new update from Google, they have revamped some of the searching functions, and if you have used chrome then you might have noticed that now you can search for queries in many popular web search engines from Google like the YouTube and Facebook directly from the URL location just by pressing the tab key.

Apart from this Google now comes with another great feature; they have incorporated Google search features in Google drive, what will it do? Well it will basically make some of your or rather many of your task easier. Here is a quick glimpse of what it can and cannot do.


With the new technology which is termed as Natural Language Processing or NLP is short is a modern way of searching for things in the way you talk.

For instance if you want to look for some spread sheet data that is present in your Google drive or is shared to you by your friends then you can simple ask Google drive to search the items by the way you talk. For instance, in this case if you type show budget spread sheet Google’s intelligent modern language and algorithm will process all your folders and will give you the most relevant results.

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Most of the times it will look for a folder named budget, and then from inside the folder it will display the entire spread sheet that are there. Thus making you to search for an item easily and making you work less while you can do more with the Google drive.

All this features are there to help users, and they are open for testing and experimentations, so if you ever find something useful then do not forget to mention about it to us, and your idea and experiment might be the next hit in the online search engine Google.

Apart from this, with this update you will be able to do spelling check, split document views, and get revision histories and lots more.

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