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No matter where you are, you can together this holiday season

The big holiday season is around the corner, the time of the year when you hang up all your work and worries related to work, to enjoy a few days of relaxed company with your family and friends.

People like to sit in their living rooms, decorated with all the holiday trimmings, and share the funny stories from past with their friends and family, even when the people they are sharing these stories with, were part of the story.


It is not about telling the right story, or even an interesting one. But, a shared experience to remind everyone of the good time from the past, giving everyone a reason to laugh.

In fact, if you look back and try to recall some of the best moments of your life, you will realize that getting together with your family and friends for holidays, will always be a part of them.

However, with everyone being so busy and living their own lives, not to mention in different cities or countries for that matter, it is no longer that easy to come together for every holiday season.

Thankfully, Google+ came out with a solution that may help you to get your friends and family together for the coming holidays. Now, Google+ Hangout has an option that will allow you to custom build your invitation with complete Holiday Effects app.


Then all you have to do is schedule friends and family hangout and the invitations will be sent out for you. Hangout allows up to ten people to video chat at the same time, this will let you invite all your favorite people in one chat.

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Since, all this can be done right from Google+ or Gmail itself, you or your family member will not need any additional app or device to come together for some fun, family time.


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