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What is the difference between WhatsApp community and group

difference between WhatsApp community and group

Difference between WhatsApp community and WhatsApp group: WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services worldwide, frequently introduces new features. Recently, WhatsApp introduced a new feature called “Community” that enables users to combine up to 20 WhatsApp groups into a single community.

Let’s find out more about the community function and examine how it differs from WhatsApp groups.

The WhatsApp Community Feature

A new feature called WhatsApp Community aims to unite various groups under one roof in order to improve communication across the groups like Groups from schools, colleges, and neighbourhoods.

Communities are perfect for organisations that are connected by a shared interest or location and where members know one another.

Each WhatsApp Community will include a summary and list of available groups for users to select from. “This gives interactions among bigger, more complicated groups a structure and organisation that allows individuals to focus on what important to them,” explains Meta.

Why wait to use this new feature, lets start it with step by step guide on how to use WhatsApp community.

Let’s now examine the distinctions between WhatsApp Groups and Communities.

The difference between WhatsApp Community and WhatsApp Group are as follows:


WhatsApp Community WhatsApp Group
The WhatsApp Community combines up to 50 groups in a single location. You can connect with everyone in a single conversation using the Whatsapp Group, which is a single group.
50 groups can be added to one community. One WhatsApp group can only have one group added to it.
Group administrators can communicate critical information to everyone in the group.
Only group members can receive essential messages from group administrators.
Anyone can start a community, but in order to join, group administrators must first authorise join requests.
The user can be added to a WhatsApp group by the admins without sending a joining request.
Even if a person exits a particular group that was added to the community, they might still be considered a part of it. Unless an admin adds them back, a person who leaves a group can no longer be a member of that group.
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