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What is Smart reply feature on Gmail?

The Gmail mail service has been for over a decade. Any product or service that has been for such a long time is bound to release new versions with product enhancements as part of the product life cycle management plan and the Gmail is no exception. Last year, we heard about a new product called “Inbox by Gmail” being launched with some great filtering options that help you keep your essential mails apart from the rest. Not so late in last November they introduced an interesting feature called Smart Reply in the App which enabled the user to reply to mails automatically.

Smart reply

smart reply

This artificial Intelligence enabled attribute of Inbox by Gmail suggests three most appropriate responses from which you can choose and send the mail. This was a feature that was available only in Inbox App until 2 months ago, but now you can avail “Smart Reply” feature even in desktop. Smart Reply learns the way you reply to mails and even suggests suitable responses. This works only on mails for which the Google AI can suggest or find possible responses. You will not be able to use Smart Reply for all mails since it is programmed in a way that it can separate mails which need only brief reply from other mails. You can also edit your reply since Smart Reply does not send the reply automatically. If you ask, I would say this feature is very handy when you want a short and fast reply.

How to work with Smart Reply

It is a very simple procedure. Open the mail to which you want to reply, the Inbox by Gmail gives you those most appropriate responses from which you can select. Once you are done with the selection you can either edit/append your reply or send the mail. The procedure is the same in the Inbox App and on web.

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