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YouTube is behind Webdriver torso mysterious videos

Ever searched ‘webdriver torso’ in google or youtube.  Search now and see the reults, you will be shocked.

When you search ‘webdriver torso’ in google, you will see the logo of the google has a differnet pattern. Its a moving logo with changing the shapes in red and blue rectangles and when you saerch this in YouTube, you will see all the listed videos are in the red and blue rectangular shapes.

webdriver torso youtube

Webdriver torso Mysterious Videos

There is series of videos with random blue and red coloured rectangle over the white surface with random and beeps audio. These videos are of around 10 seconds each, some are of 1 min 40 sec and some are of 5 minutes also. You will see ‘aqua.flv – slide xxxx'(xxxx- four digit number) at the left hand bottom side. You can also visit the webdriver torso’s channel.

This channel was created on March 7, 2003 and since than it is uploading the videos in youtube.

The big mysterious thing here is, who is behind all these videos upload, There are more than 1 lacs videos of the same types and uploaded regularly with the interval of 1 min. to 15 mins.

Fun videos with mysterious videos

There are some fun videos in mysterious videos, where you will see some thing different than other hundreds of thausands of videos uploaded by webdriver torso.

In 00014 video, you will see liting up Eiffel Tower.

In the below video, you can see the silhouette of Rick Astley dancing.

The Secret Reason

When people had reported YouTube after analysing the behaviour of this channel. YouTube finally brought this in public on 2014 that these videos are uploaded by YouTube. Here is the official statement of YouTube:

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“We’re never gonna give you uploading that’s slow or loses video quality, and we’re never gonna let you down by playing YouTube in poor video quality. That’s why we’re always running tests like Webdriver Torso.”

The reason behind this upload is to check the quality loss in the youtube videos, Youtube upload a new video in a particular time interval of 1 min to 15 mins and check the quality loss of the video by comaparing with the video with the last one.



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