Why Google apps for business is preferable for small businesses

The Google apps for business have been gaining market space ever since they’ve been launched. Many businesses have adopted Google apps and reaped rich dividends in growing their business and cutting costs. Google has been betting big on their app for business, especially to meet the requirements of small business.

What are Google Apps for business?

Google Apps for business (or work) is a subscription based service provided by Google that includes a cloud based computing and productivity suite as well as the collaboration software. These include Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms and Google Slides. The services that are otherwise offered free are given with business-specific features loaded.


Why Google Apps is preferable for small business?

small business

All businesses, both big and small need solutions to make their non-core activities easier to do, so that they can focus on the core components. Maintaining records, communication, travelling, inventory management etc., can be quite a distraction from your regular day to day activities. In such instance the need is to have a solution that is simple to use, is well-connected and interoperable. The Google Apps for business is the perfect choice for this. We take a look at the Google Apps for business suite to determine if it is indeed a preferable choice for small businesses.


Simple to use

Easy to use

The Google Apps for business is simple to use. I attribute simplicity to this as the tools in the business suite are the same as the free ones, except that they come with additional features. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I state that almost everyone should’ve used some Google tool or the other. So, since we’ve already used these apps, using them would be a walk in the park for any user. This is something any small business would look for – a powerful, but easy to use solution!

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Affordable prices

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The Google Apps for business are quite inexpensive compared to the competition and for the features that it offers; it is well worth the price. Besides, helping you have an email ID of your own (with your company’s domain), you also get double the storage limit. In fact, if the number of users is less, the storage space given is almost 1 TB. As a small business owner, you are usually keeping a strong tab on the expenses and your hunt for an affordable solution should end here.


Cloud based Storage offers Data continuity

Cloud storage

Against the traditional solutions, Google apps for business host the data (information) in Google’s data centers that use the latest technology to ensure the highest uptime and mitigate the risk of data loss. Even though the entire data is stored in the cloud, with the highest security protocols in place, you can be sure that your data and information does not fall in unauthorized hands.


Seamless Integration between services

Google products

Google Apps for business offers seamless integration between the different services it offers, making your experience pleasant and easy. You can easily link up the Gmail and the Google calendar app, use Google Sheets right from the Google Drive and also use Google Hangouts from your Gmail. This integration makes it one of the best cloud-based productivity suites.


Instant Syncing

instant syncing

Any changes made to the files locally are saved immediately to the cloud. The instant sync feature ensures that all the documents in the cloud location are up to date. This is especially useful for small business as they do not have to invest in alternate storage facilities.

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Multi-platform Support


Google Apps offer multi-platform support that enable one to use the services from multiple devices like computers, Tablets, and smartphones. They can be accessed from easily available and low cost devices too making them the preferred option for small business.


If you are a small business owner, you can try the Google Apps for business (work). You will be delighted by its familiarity and yet powerful but cost-effective features.


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