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What is WhatsApp groups and how to use it ?

what is WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp groups is a whatsApp feature which can be used to communicate with a group of individuals.This article will discuss what a WhatsApp Group is and what it’s used for. Additionally, you’ll discover how to create a WhatsApp group, update a group name, and join a group using a WhatsApp group link or WhatsApp QR code. We’ll also go over WhatsApp Group Call functionality and group deletion.

What is WhatsApp group?

A WhatsApp Group is something you are already familiar with if you use WhatsApp. You can invite others there, and they can chat with each other. A WhatsApp Group is a terrific way to schedule activities, make plans for a night out, or chat with coworkers.

However, there is a user restriction for WhatsApp Groups. Only 512 persons can be in a WhatsApp Group Chat at a time. previously it was 256 but it got updated in June 2022 and meta is already working to increase the number of participants more.

WhatsApp has also recently launched whatsApp community where we can add multiple groups to make some announcements and communicate. You can also have a look in difference between whatsapp community and whatsapp groups to understand these features better.

When To Use WhatsApp Groups?

The crucial feature that distinguishes a WhatsApp Group is that anyone can chat there. Consequently, the optimum moment to use a WhatsApp Group is when you want to solicit feedback from all members.

In our experience, there are many instances in which WhatsApp might be beneficial for business. The one of the example is if you have successful internet company ideas. when you require several team members to participate in a conversation while working with a client. However, we do advise using this as a last resort. because internal collaboration tools like Slack, Google Chat, and Microsoft Teams are so significantly more effective. Try a WhatsApp Group instead if none of those apps are offered by your employer.

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Setting up Whats App groups

Learn how to create a WhatsApp Group, adjust WhatsApp Group Names, modify WhatsApp Group privacy settings, and join WhatsApp Group in this section.

Create WhatsApp group

It’s easy to start a WhatsApp group. Press the three dots in the top right corner to get started. Next, choose New Group and choose the individuals you want to include in the group. After adding a WhatsApp group name, you’re finished.

Can you modify the name of a WhatsApp group?

Yes, you need only visit Settings and select the pencil symbol. Next, type the name of your new WhatsApp group. At this point, you can also add a profile photo for your company or, if you don’t already have one, just utilise an online logo builders to create one.

How to Modify the Privacy Settings for WhatsApp Groups

You may now limit who can add you to WhatsApp Groups thanks to new group privacy controls that have recently been added by WhatsApp. Go to the Account choices section of the settings menu to access WhatsApp Group privacy settings.

Next, select Groups under Privacy. You can decide here who has the authority to add you to a group. There are three choices: My Contacts, Everyone, and My Contacts Except.

If your friends have restricted who can add them to WhatsApp Groups and if you are not in their contact list, you can add them discreetly by providing a temporary, time-limited link. Recall that the invite link will disappear after three days.

You can still invite contacts after the link has expired by sharing a WhatsApp Group Link or WhatsApp QR Code.

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How to Join a WhatsApp Group with Invite link and QR Code

If you’re using your WhatsApp Group to report anything, the ability to invite individuals by link is a very useful function. You might share the link with another group or put it somewhere on the company website. Anyone who uses the invite URL can join the group.

The WhatsApp Group Link will not expire, unlike the invitation link with a time limit. You can later withdraw the connection if the group is no longer active to prevent new contacts from joining your WhatsApp Group.

Open the actions menu in the upper right to see the group info panel and create an invite link. Next, select the Invite through link button after finding the participants section. You can distribute the link in a few different ways using the invite link panel.

For your WhatsApp Group, you can also create a QR code. When you share this group’s QR code with someone, they may use the WhatsApp camera to scan it and join the group.

There are lots of other features with the whatsapp group using which we can have better and fun discussion and manage whatsapp groups easily.

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