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What is WhatsApp Community and How can we use it.

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The WhatsApp community is one of the biggest updates the Meta app has seen in a while. This new  feature makes it easy to manage many work-related or informal tasks and allows administrators to coordinate between members more effectively.

WhatsApp Communities, is now available to all users and it appears as a separate tab on the main WhatsApp screen. The camera tab is now relocated on the top bar, to the left of the search button.

How to create a whatsApp community?

To create a WhatsApp community, users need to click on the Community tab and click on the “Start your community” button. Add a name and description and a profile picture for your community profile. Once done, you will be in the your community window. You can create a new group here, or add existing ones, both of which will have a dedicated button.

To add existing groups in the community, you need to be an admin of those groups. In the list of groups below, you will also see one default announcement group. Tap the icon in the bottom right when you are done and your community is ready for some action.Note that when you add an existing or new group to a community, all members are added to the same announcement community group.

In the WhatsApp web version, you can also see the community tab in the top beside the status tab.

How to use community (For Admins)

Announcements: As a community administrator, users will be able to post messages to all groups in the community and announcement group as well. All messages posted on the announcement community group and will be broadcast to all groups in the Community and therefore to all members. The same goes for media files, documents, and voice memos.

Invite Members: As an administrator, you can also share community links if you want to invite others to join. These users can follow the link to be part of the community, but cannot join the group individually until they have been given added by you or another community group administrator.

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Remove Member : Has anyone left their job? You can now remove them from the group by deleting them from the Community. To do this, go to the main page of this community. Click on the three dot menu on the top right and select Show members. You will see a list of all members in one place. Tap a contact to remove it from the community so that all groups are included in it.

Add more admins: As a community administrator, you can add more admins to post or perform other actions while you’re away. To do this, click on the three-dot icon on the Community page and select View Members. Tap on any member and in the next options, you will see “Create Admin” option.

Also remember that all group members will be able to see other groups in the community, but they will be able to see limited information about groups they are not a part of. 

How to use community (For Other Members)

All members have access to the same announcement community group where they can see files, media and message notifications from central administrator for all members.

Join a group: If a member is in the same community, but not in one of the present groups (which may be the case if you are invited to a new community). They can browse separately and ask you to join it. After opening the Community window, users can click on any group listed in the Community to request to join.

A group member can request directly to get added in the other community groups.

Leaving community or community group: A member can leave the community or community group and join new groups within the community as needed.

To leave one or more groups in the community, go to the details window of the group and look for the leave button at the bottom of the page as you leave a normal WhatsApp group. 

Leave groups without leaving a community:– You can also leave a community to leave all community groups, announcement group in one step. On the other hand, if you want to leave a group while you are still part of the community and its announcement group, you can do so by individually leaving any group you are a part of except community. This way, you won’t be in any group, but you will still be part of the community and have access to the announcement group channel.

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