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Vacationing made fun again by Google Trips

They say a good vacation can refresh us like nothing else can. With our lives getting busier and complicated every day, the stress level for professionals and other people working in high pressure jobs is rising.

One of the most common and effective way, suggested by the experts, to relive this pressure is to plan systematic breaks into our busy schedules, in the form of vacations, on regular intervals. This way we can get away from all the professional stress, pressure, and the all consuming schedules.

However, a vacation can turn into a nightmare of its own, when you have to plan it yourself. We can look at this from a working professional’s point of view, first he works for hours and hours every day to be able to meet the demands of his career, and then when decides to take a vacation, he again has to sit down and research for hours to find the right places to visit, or to find the right accommodation, or the right restaurants.

After considering all this, the idea of vacation, no longer sounds so much fun. In the end, he might even decide to let go of the vacation, due to all this hassle, and end up working on the vacation time.


Thankfully, Google has come up with a solution, and an easy one at that, too. All you need is your smart phone and you can use the new revolutionary innovation form Google called the ‘Google Trips’.

That will not only solve all your travel or vacation related woos, by keeping track of your flight, accommodation and reservation, and lot more. This app is going to make vacations fun again.

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So, how does this ‘Google Trips’ work?

Using and understanding ‘Google Trips’ is quite easy and simple, just like most of the other Google apps. All you have to do is, put in the information you already have, like the place you are planning to vacation at, or the sites you wish to see, or the cuisines you want to taste.


‘Google Trips’ will take all this information, vague details about your vacation plans, and it will give you a customised itinerary, specifically designed to cater to your tastes. For example, if you want to make your vacation about sightseeing, then you will have your travel planned around the same.

In fact, you can even build it for one day or around one site. The best part is, you can just download the app on your phone and the whole thing will be available offline, as you may be travelling to a place that does not have good internet connection.


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