Admin Roles

User created admin role

For managing the users and services provided to users, you can give any user the admin access. User can access admin console and perform task as per the admin roles. There are two types of roles you can assign to any user.

Pre-built admin role

User created admin role

In the last tutorial we have seen about Pre- built admin roles. Here we will see about User created admin roles.

User created admin role

You can create admin roles as per your task and limited access as per OUs.


Hello Everyone, Welcome back to may tutorials on Google apps. In this tutorials i will let you know how you can create user created roles in Google apps, so similarly as in a previous tutorials we will go inside admin roles. In this module you can see i do not have any user created roles. I click on this option here Create a new role. I define a role suppose, i defined it as lannister helpdesk. You can give any description. You should not give lannister helpdesk here. As you can give according to your requirement and your organisation structure, I will hit on create, now you have to define the privileges here. It is very user friendly as you can see. You can go step by step and you can see what you have to do next. I give this role full privileges on the organisational units, then on the user section give only read privileges and i give it full privileges on group and full privileges to reports and click on save changes, and you see lannister help-desk role has been created. User created role has been successfully created. Now when i click here i can assign admins. I will assign admin here, confirm assignment. So this is almost the same as i told in system roles. Only thing in user created roles is you can defined your own privileges but in system roles the privileges has been custom defined from Google. I think you understood well what is the difference between system role and user created roles. You can share subscribe and comment if you have any feedback for me.

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Thank you.

Descriptive Explanation:

After watching video you are still confused about user created roles , See below for details:

You can create admin roles as per your task and limited access as per OUs.

For creating new admin roles First go to Admin roles section from admin console dashboard.

Admin Console

And then in the admin roles page click on Create A New Role.

create a new role

After clicking on that button,you will get one popup window to fill the name and description of the new role you want to create.

name and description od new role

After filling the name and description click create on that popped up window. you will be redirected to privileges selection page for new role, you can see your new role name and description in the top.

User created admin role privileges

Select the appropriate privileges for your new roles

After selecting the privileges for your new role click save changes.then click on ASSIGN ADMINS beside privileges can see name of your newly created role in the top.assign new created role

After clicking on assign admin you will get a pop-up window for assigning new role  to user. Fill the user’s ID to whom you want to give this newly created admin role you can see the newly created role name in the top.

Assign new created admin role

After filling the user’s id click on confirm assignment. you will get notification “user has been successfully assigned with the role”.that user will be privileged with your newly created admin role.


For Un -assign admin first open the respective admin role user’s list and then select the user and click on UNASSIGN ADMINS

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Unassign adminsAfter clicking you will get a pop-up alert  for OK
Pop Up alert

You will get notification “user has been successfully removed from role “.

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