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Useful YouTube search operators to make your life easy

Whoever uses internet for watching videos would have faced one issue for sure – not able to search the correct video in YouTube even after giving the most relevant keyword.  You can find the solution for this by including some of the search operators that are already used in Google. Here I will discuss about some of these keywords for your reference.

  • Intitle – The search operator “intitle:” helps you to get the correct video with the search keyword in the title of the video you are searching for. For example if you want to search a video about the YouTube you can do it by typing intitle:YouTube in the search bar. Just be sure that the operator is sensitive of singular and plural keywords. You can even give more than one word after the switch ‘intitle:’. But the search engine will search only for the first word in the title and other words can be in title or content.

INtitle search query

  • Length: Using this you can search for videos which have the length specified by you (in seconds). There are 5 switches for this operator. They are length>[time], length<[time], length=[time], length>=[time] and length<=[time]. You would have understood what these switches mean and you can also use these combined. For example if you want to find a video that has a length in between one minute and two minutes, the operator will be length>=60 length<=120. Just remember that you have to give the time in seconds.
  • Allintitle – This operator can be used if you want to have more than one word in the title itself while searching. Instead of typing intitle: in front of all words you can just use this operator followed by all the words you want in the title. It will not be looking the words in order but just that those words are present in the title.
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All intitle search query

  • Before: [date] and after: [date] – The date operator helps you find out the videos based on the date on which it was uploaded. For example, after:2016-03-01 list out the videos which are uploaded after March 1st The search operator ‘before’ also works the same way.
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  • Description: This keyword lists out the videos which has a particular word in the description of the video. For example if you want to search for videos about email, you can search as description:email.

Description search query

  • Tag: This operator is used to search for a video which has a particular tag which is applied by you. You can do this in two ways.  The first one is by using the operator ‘tag:’. For example if you want to find a video which has “workout” tagged on it you can search by using the keyword tag:workout. The second method is use the operator ##”[tag name]”. If you want to find the videos with the tag ‘workout’ you have to use this as ##”workout”.

tag search query

  • Is – This simple operator helps you to search for the videos according to how it is shared. There are four forms for this operator. They are is:public (Public videos), is:private (private videos), is:unlisted (unlisted videos), and is:draft (videos uploaded as drafts). You can use this operator in your video manager to enlist the videos as per their sharing settings.

These operators will help you to search efficiently in YouTube to get most relevant search results.

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