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Use Google Prompt for 2-Step Verification code

Security has become a top concern for day to day online activities and the same applies to Google as well. There are many of initiatives taken by Google to improve the security and one among them is 2-step verification processes to login into the user account.

2sv necessity

The different ways of using 2-step verification were:

  1. Using the verification code sent to the registered mobile number
  2. Using the verification code sent to other device (Friends/Family)
  3. Using a printed security code.
  4. By generating security codes using Authenticator App.

Recently, Google launched a new service where user can use this alternate method named Google prompt service. User will get a prompt on the registered mobile phone stating “Are you trying to login from <place> on a <device>?” User has to answer to that question by either tapping on “NO, DENY SIGN-IN” or “YES, ALLOW SIGN-IN”. This new feature is available only if user has phone number updated in the account profile.

Google prompt

There are few things to be taken into consideration in order to use the above mentioned Google prompt verification. As of now, users cannot enable both security code and Google prompt at the same time, which means a user can chose only one of them. You should be connected to internet to use the Google Prompt service. Updated ‘Google play services’ is required for Android users and Google search application has to be installed for iOS users to benefit from Google prompt.

2sv options setting

User can change the settings by getting into 2-step verification under Sign in & Security option in My Accounts section. In this section, user can view all three options i.e. Google Prompt, Voice or Text message to registered phone number, authenticator, and backup code. Now you can allay all fears of your Google account being compromised. No one can log into your account without your consent.

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