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Use Google Keep to maintain your to do list

Google Keep app is basically a note taking app by Google which is available both on mobile and web browser. This is a smarter way to manage your tasks since this to do list app has geo-fencing and reminds you about your tasks according to the location you are at.Google Keep App lets you add reminder to Google tasks, and create Notes Google can arrange in different attributes like colours, images, audio notes etc. When I say this to do list app can add reminder to Google tasks it also means that you can also manage other tasks you have created using other to do list apps. Here I am going to list out the different tasks you can accomplish using the Google Keep App.

Google keep app

  • You can add reminder to Google tasks so that you do not miss anything. This is accomplished by setting a time-based reminder. You can also set location-based reminder so that you can complete the task when you reach that location. For example if you want to buy grocery from a particular shop, you will get a reminder when you reach near that location.
  • Sharing with your friends and family members is made easy so that everybody can edit the notes Google has created by taking notes from you. So now, when you go to store or shopping this to do list app keeps you updated about the incomplete tasks. There is no need of back and forth calls and messages.
  • Google Keep app helps you to find and filter the notes easily. The notes can be viewed based on the color, lists with images, lists with video and only reminders. You can even view only the notes which are shared.
  • Google Keep App is always within your reach. The notes Google create using the Google Keep will be synced across all your devices so that your to do list is always with you. The only requirement for this is the internet connection.
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How to create Notes and reminders in Google Keep

Creating Notes in Google Keep is very easy and you have so many features available with this to do list app. Once you have logged into the Google Keep app you have the option to go to notes, reminders and labels from the left pane. Click on the Notes option and to the right side you will see the option to create and manage notes. Once you click in that text box (‘Take note’ will be written inside the text box) you get the option to give title to the note.Enter the text for your note in the text box. If you click on ‘Done’ after entering the text it will be saved as a normal note.Other options available are:

  • Save it as a reminder: Below the text box you will get the option to create a reminder, click on that and enter the date, time and frequency of the reminder.
  • Sharing: The note Google has created as per the details you have entered can be shared by clicking on share icon and adding the person’s email address.Once you click on save the particular note will be shared with those in the list.Google keep Web
  • Coloring: Color the note so that you can sort it later according to that.
  • Add image as the note:This option is used to create an image note. Here you can even save a copy of the note to the Google Docs.
  • Tick boxes: This is very useful when you share the to do list with someone. They can tick the tasks which are completed.
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The other options available are to archive the notes, and add label to the notes.Here I have briefly explained the features available in Google Keep and how it helps you to maintain your tasks.

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