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Use gmail templates- Pre write your message using canned responses

Have you been to this problem, where you have to write the same mail again and again for different recipient at different time. Copy paste is also a hectic and irritating solution for this. Canned responses lab product is the solution of the problem.

You can  save your message as gmail template(canned response) and use it when its needed.

Setting up canned responses :

  1. Open you gmail. Go to gmail settings (gear icon in the top right corner).Gmail settings
  2. In the gmail settings tab, Select the LABS tab from the top bar and search for canned responses.
  3. After enabling the canned responses, click on save changes.
  4. Now compose the email which you want to save as template or  send again and again, and click on the drop down option present in the right bottom corner of the compose message box, then select canned responses> New canned responses.

Save canned responses

5. Now give a name to your canned response and save it.

6. Now whenever you need to use this saved canned responses, click the same drop down present in the right bottom corner of the compose message window. then go to canned responses.

use canned responses

7. Now you can use the saved canned responses as template or directly sent the messages by selecting the canned response under insert.

You can create several canned messages for yourself and save a lot of time writing a mail.

You can also automate the canned response mails as reply to particular mails according to the sender or some particular keyword or any particular criteria by setting up filter with canned responses.

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