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Your Organisation name is name of your primary domain. You can easily change/update name of your organisation profile or set up/update the language and time zone for your organisation.

Hello guys, Welcome to my tutorials on Google apps. In this tutorial i will tell you how to change some basic settings for your company like organisation name and some other stuff which we will see here. You go into company profile, in profile settings you can see organisation name, ohh its a fancy name. I m very fond of game of thrones you see, you can change it to … i will give Microsoft. I m just joking you have to give your company name now you save changes. See your settings have been saved, so the organisation name is Microsoft now. Contact information- here you can your contact information. This is your primary administrator account that is super-admin account, which i will discuss in our next tutorial and you can also alter the secondary email address, these are just some alteration which you can do and save changes. I will not go deep into that, and this is the support message in case the user need help you can define a support message like a template here, which can be forwarded to the users as when needed. You can also change the language here and the time zone according to your organisation functionality and requirements. There are other options also like new users feature which we will discuss in our next tutorials as it is more important and critical. So i will save changes here and settings will be changed here. Again i will alter the organisation name to some xyz as its not Microsoft. yeah! so every thing has been saved.

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Descriptive Explanation: 

Update organisation profile:

As video is the best way to understand anything, but if still you are confused then please follow the below steps provided with screenshots:

First open the company profile console from admin dashboard.


Admin Console


In company profile page you can see the Tabs Profile, Communication preferences, Personalization etc


Company Profile


Click on the Profile Tab

In profile tab you will see the options like Organisation names, Support message, Contact information, Language, Time Zone.


Organisation profile


Do the changes where you want and click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom right corner of page. you will get notification that All changes has been saved.

If you have any doubt, please ask in comment section. Thanks!

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