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If you want to update your employee information like address phone number, department, Emp ID and any many more details, then you can update the details by going through steps as mentioned in the video.


Hello guys, Welcome back to my tutorial on Google apps. In this tutorial we will discuss how we can update user’s profile in Google apps. So first you go to user’s module here you go to a particular user profile so u must have learnt this already. Now you can click on account. So here are the details of the user. Contact information and basic information is listed. So you can edit the basic information. Here you can change first name, last name and email address of the user, along with that there is some additional info like phone number you can add a phone numbers here or you can change the user address and define the type like its a home address or work address, then you can click on next there are some additional details like company Employee Id, company employee title, Managers Email , Department,Cost center. These are with respect to your organisation according to that you can update and click on update user. I didn’t update anything here. So If you did some changes actually so it will say user have been updated. So whatever latest information you saved there that will be reflected in you basic information here. If you click on contact information and edit you will directly see the options which i browsed from the basic information. Here also you can do next and define those thing separately so this is the the process like if you want to change some employee details you can change it here. If you like my tutorial you can share and subscribe.

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Descriptive Explanation:

As videos are the best way to learn/understand anything but still if you confused about updating user’s profile then please follow the steps provided with screenshots:

For updating the user’s details first you have to go to users console from admin dashboard.

Admin Console


In the users console page you can see the users list , select the user (first select the Ou in which the user exist) for which you want to add alias and open the user’s profile or you can open user’s profile by searching the user’s ID in the search box.

Update profile and add alias


In the user profile, Click on the first option ‘Account’ as shown in screenshot.

After clicking this tab will expand and you will see options Basic information, contact information with edit button.

You can update the info by clicking the edit information below these options accordingly. you can fill / update  the details in popped up window after clicking on edit information.Update user


In the popped up you can update the all details(contact details, employee details and basic information) by navigating the previous or next button. After filling all details, Hit on UPDATE USER.You will get a notification on your screen that user profile has been successfully updated.


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