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Google apps is the services provided by Google to its users. Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, Sites, Mobile,Contacts and Group for Business(if you have added it from marketplace). You can manage these services for you domain.


Hello everyone, Welcome back to my tutorials on Google apps. In this tutorials we will learn about different and services that is bring provided by Google to its Google app users. I go to apps module you can see there are 7 Google apps. Which are defined by Google Calendar,Contacts, Drive ,Gmail, Mobile and sites and Talk/hangout ohh this was hidden. So you can see these services can be given to all users that are using Google apps accounts. As Google apps has filter here, you can generally define here what privileges you want to give per organisation. Suppose for finance organisation i do not wants to give sites privilege. So i will click here and turnoff . It will show you turn off for everyone so 1 selected service is now turned off. So site has been turned off.
Now you see site is on this is for a.lannisteronline.com (this is parent organisation) so for parent organisation sites is turned on but when i click on finance sites has been off. So this is the overridden settings and this is inherited from the parent org(mobile). So similarly you can turn on or turn off the services according to your needs, i will do another setting for you. For xyz suppose i need to turn off contacts, I can turn off here. Similarly there are some other settings. If i want to turn on again then i can turn on here. So now contacts has again being turned on. There is another option. On for some organisation, when you click here you can see what you were able to see it here, like for contacts
for which organisation it is turned off and for which organisation it is turned on. You can see it here and you can change it from here also when i click on here and apply i can turn it off. So i turned off contacts for xyz organisation. we can verify it here. So xyz has been selected and contact is turned off. Previously it was not showing because the page had not refreshed. So like wise you can define the use of services for organisation and its respective members. Organisational units are basically necessary because you want to put users under certain privileges and restrictions according to their needs to the organisation. So you can better defined them. You can share and subscribe the video, or you can comment or feedback for further needs and doubts.
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Descriptive Explanation:

As i think video has explained everything but still you think you are not fully understood,then please follow the below provided steps with screenshots:

At first you need to open Apps console from Admin dashboard.

Admin Console

Here in this console you will see 3 options Google Apps, Additional Google Services and marketplace apps.Google apps are the basic important services provided by Google , Addtional Google services are also Google services provided to users like Google Analytics, Google adwords, Google + , You tube and many more. and Marketplace apps is the apps upload by third party vendors (who developed the apps by him using  app-script ).


Now we will see Google apps. Click on Google Apps and you can see list of all basic services of Google. Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, Sites, Mobile,Contacts and Group for Business.

As you can see in the left panel Ou tree is there.You can manage the services as per OU. you can turn on/off by clicking on off/on below status column. You can also turn on /off by going to the more options beside status column.

google apps

By clicking on/off for any OU you will get notification that this particular app is on for particular OU.

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