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Trusted Contacts – let’s your loved one know your location at all times

People working late night shifts or in remote and deserted areas are always concerned about their safety, as there are times when no one may know about their location. To help others feel safe, Google has launched Trusted Contacts, a new app, that will let your family and friends know your location at all times.

This app will allow you to share your whereabouts with anyone you wish to keep informed of your location. The best part is it will work even if your phone is switched off.

How does is works?

This app works in a very simple manner, you only have to install the Android app and then assign “trusted” to the people you wish to share your location with. This will give your trusted contacts access to see your movements, both online and physically.

You can also choose to share your actual location with your friends and family, if you ever feel unsafe and wants someone to know. Same way your trusted contacts can request to see your location, if they feel the need to check on you.

You can deny the request to share your location, if you don’t want anyone to know your whereabouts. However, if there is no response from your side for a predefined time, then your location will automatically be shared with your friends and family, added as the trusted contacts. Also, you can stop sharing your location at any moment or change your trusted contacts, if need be.

Why is it helpful?

The answer to this question can only be found with the practical application of this app. For example, if you decide to take a road trip to an unknown place, you will never have to worry about getting lost, or being stranded without any help on the way, if you got in any kind of trouble.

As, you will be able to let your friends and family know about your location, or they can always track your movements, even if your phone is off line, they will still be able to check your last known location and come to your rescue.

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By using Trusted Contacts you can always stay connected to your loved ones, and always feel that they are watching your back, if you get in any trouble. You can download Trusted contacts from the play store, it is not yet available of iOS, though it is likely to be launched soon.

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