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Translate any page on your mobile with Google

Google introduced a new and extremely helpful feature for its android smart phone users, in the latest Android operating system Marshmallow. This feature is called ‘Now on TAP’ which is literally named for the ease it provides to its users. ‘Now on Tap’ allow you to check out any site on your phone, without giving a single thought about the language of the site.

So, how does it work?

Now on Tap highlights text and translate it on the page itself. With this you can browse through photos and places, which may be in different languages. Though, you can read all that and more in your preferred language.

This was already available on Google Chrome, and most of us have benefited from this feature on our laptops and desktops. However, with this addition you can even translate the apps, which means the app can be customized for any language users, but you can still use it, once you translate the text. ‘Now of Tap’ translates text on any app, screen or webpage. All you have to do is: long press the home button, as you do for any other service, and then select the ‘Translate This Screen’ option, and your text will be translated to your phones default language, making it readable and understandable for you.


Just think about finding something that might have a foreign name or a description written in foreign language, like a specialized French bakery or an Italian restaurant or reviews about a foreign language movie. All you have to do is browse them and simply allow your phone to translate them, no matter what screen they are on.

The best feature of this translation tool is its ability to translate multiple languages for the same page. So, if you are reading a review of a foreign language movie, written by viewers of different language groups, you will be able to read them all.

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‘Now on Tap’ is available for different languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.


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