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Transaction of Money with Gmail App

Whether it’s the occasion of a party and splitting the bill or it’s a group trip, Sending and receiving money is just a tap away, it is same as sending attachment in the emails.

As we have already know about smooth sharing of photos, videos and files with friends, colleagues or family with Google. Now Google is here to help you to transfer money to people with your mobile. Before now we were using the Gmail web wallet to transfer money to friends or colleague with web.

Google has now added this fee-free feature in web and Gmail app in mobile to send or request money from anyone. Now sending or requesting money is just a mail away.

This fee-free transaction is very smooth, you can directly send money from your bank account, and the receiver can also claim money to their bank account directly from the mail. And Yes It is not necessary that users should have the Google mail (Gmail) Account for transaction of money. Users can easily exchange the money with anyone.

Click on the attachment icon, then click on send money and then you can choose the amount from their added bank account and then click send, and you can see the tick icon for the successful transaction.

The user can easily claim or request money from the Gmail itself, and they need not install any other payment app for transacting money. A user can easily claim the money from received mail and transfer it to their added back account for free directly from his Gmail app.

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Now, this feature is only available in the US on the Web as well as in Gmail app, Users can download the Gmail app and start using this smooth, secure, fee free transaction of money.


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