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Every organization needs a social platform for its users to share information or plan some team activity and many other things. Google Plus is one of the best social platforms for this. With Gsuite Google+ is the best option for organizations, Employees can use this platform internally easily and the best part, super admins can see the collaboration of every employee in these activities.

Google has added audit reports for Google+ in the report console under admin console. Now admins can track the sign ups, created posts and comments for their users.

 Google+ Audit Report

Google has added this option for the better understanding of the usage of Google+ platform in the organization. Under reports audit section and as well as in report section, now you can see Google+ option, this will show you the all user’s activity on Google+.

Now admins can see following activity done in Google+

  • Comment created
  • Comment edited
  • Comment deleted
  • Post created
  • Post edited
  • Post deleted
  • +1 added to post
  • +1 added to comment
  • +1 removed from post
  • +1 removed from comment
  • Poll vote added
  • Poll vote removed

Aggregate Google+ Reports

Admins can now also check the aggregate reports and app usage in the admin console or with reports API.

The following reports can be seen in the aggregate reports section.

  • Number of activities performed by an individual user per day.
  • Number of communities where at least one of the community owners is within our domain
  • Number of collections within your organization

You can also see previous data by choosing dates in the reports section.

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