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Top YouTube tricks you need to know today

It is a well-known fact that YouTube is the number one site when it comes to online videos. Be it a movie trailer, educational video, or how to do videos, YouTube brings you to the world of videos.

It is very easy to access the videos in YouTube and the interface is quite user friendly. Users can create their own channel to upload videos, besides commenting, subscribing to or liking others’. Here I am going to bring some of the cool YouTube tricks that can be quite handy while exploring YouTube.

Convert your video into GIF

If you want to convert a video into GIF you can do that by typing “gif” in front of YouTube after ‘www.’. This takes you to a new page where you can convert your video to a gif and also make some changes to the video. You can add caption, crop the video, and add stickers to the video. Other modifications you can do are adjusting the hue, saturation and blur.

You can even flip the video horizontally or vertically. To save the video in gif format, click on create gif button after giving the start time and end time of the video (The time for which you want this effect). When you click on ‘create gif’, you will get an option to link your gif with any website which is optional. After this, you have other options like sharing the video, embedding the video, and downloading the video (you need to register for this). This is a very useful tool for those who want to bring traffic to their websites.

Search Webdriver torso


Search  ‘webdriver torso’ in google or youtube and see what happens. You will see random blue and red pattern videos in youtube uploaded every minute with different and random audio. you can visit the webdriver torso channel also. Who is behind this ? any guesses? Check the reason here.

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Download YouTube videos


Nowdays not able to download the videos from YouTube, but we have the solution to download the videos. Just a simple step and you can download the the videos in high pixels 720p or in 1080p.

Go to URL of the video and remove the “https://www.” part of the URL and add ss in the the URL.

Example: “” to “”


Play videos in slow motion:

Youtube speed

To watch YouTube videos in slow motion the video need not have the effect applied before uploading.  You can change the speed the video is being playing by changing the settings at the bottom right corner of the video window in YouTube.

When you click on the settings you will get the option to decrease or increase the speed. You have options to enable or disable Auto play, enable or disable annotations (the suggestions that are displayed at the top of the video), and the quality of the video (in pixels). You can disable the Auto play using the sliding bar at the right top corner of the YouTube window.

Watch later:

YouTube Tricks: Watch list

This option gives you the facility to watch a particular video later when you are free. This can be done by clicking on the “Add to” button present at the bottom left corner of the playback window.

There you get the option to add it to a channel or can select the checkbox “Watch Later”. This is just like adding favorites in your browser. There is another option like “offline”. This option is available in mobile App. You can download the video (not all videos can be downloaded) and can watch later even if you do not have the internet connection.

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Keyboard shortcuts:

Like any other applications or websites, YouTube also has some shortcut keys. There are keyboard shortcuts for pause or play (k), rewind (10 seconds – j), fast-forward (10 seconds – l), mute (m), to go to the beginning of the video (number 0), to go to 10% – 90% of video (numbers 1 – 9). If you have turned on the caption use + and – sign to change the font size.  You can turn it on from the settings button located at the bottom right corner of the video window.

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Shortcut Action
k  Play and Pause
j Rewind 10 seconds
l Forward 10 seconds
m Mute
number 0 Go to beginning of the video
number 1-9 Go to 10%-90% of video
+ Increase font size of caption
Decrease font size of caption
Left Arrow Back 5 seconds
Right Arrow Forward 5 seconds
F Full screen mode
Esc Exit Full screen mode
Up Arrow Increase Volume
Down Arrow Decrease Volume

Theatre mode:

Theatre mode 1


You can watch the video in theatre mode by clicking on the rectangle at the bottom right corner of the video window. You can switch to the full screen mode by clicking on the rectangle at the bottom right corner.

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URL for a specific point:

time specific url YouTube Tricks

Using a switch you can fast forward to a point from where you want to watch the video. For example if you want to watch the video from 7th minute and 30th second just add #t=07m30s at the end of the URL in the address bar. You can pause at a certain point and get the link by right clicking and selecting the option “copy URL for current time”. By embedding this to the site plays the video only from that particular time point.

Here I tried to include some of the tricks which are useful for you while using YouTube and let me tell you there are more tricks for you to try.

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