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Top 10 Best Practices To Start A Google AdWords Campaign

Creating a new AdWords search campaign in Google is without any doubt a nerve-racking process. You will get a wide range of emotions like fear, anxiety, excitement and many other unexplainable emotions when you are about the click the enable button on a new campaign, particularly, when it is your first campaign. At this juncture, it is recommended that you should be aware of some of the best practices to follow to ensure success in your Google AdWords Campaign and understanding these practices will help you in ensuring an excellent kick start.

  1. Focus on customer demand:

Focus on customer requirement

When you are about to start a Google AdWords campaign, the first and foremost thing you will have to consider is the customer demand. For instance, when your customers are not looking for your service or product in Google, then obviously, AdWords Search marketing is not going to bring any fruitful results to you. So, before your start, it is highly important to gather details as to whether there is actual search volume for what you are planning to offer.

  1. Judge the affordability to advertise on the keyword:

In the practice stated above, you should focus on customer demand. Here, you will have to find whether the keyword of the product or service that you are planning to offer was actually searched. Before finalizing the keyword list, you are recommended to do some simple mathematics. This will prevent you from going after keywords that are not profitable. To check the affordability of a specific keyword, you should calculate your utmost Cost Per Click (CPC). Once this calculation is done, you will have to compare the same with the estimated keyword CPC in the Google AdWords Tool to check whether you can afford to market. For instance, if your utmost CPC is $6 and the estimated CPC is $5, you can get to know that there is a good chance that you can profitably market on that specific keyword.

  1. Calculating the utmost CPC:

This is one of the best practices recommended by marketing experts. But, the question is how to arrive at this figure, let us find out here:

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The utmost CPC for your business should be determined considering different factors like your target marketing profit margin, your return per customer and your website conversion rate. If you do not have these numbers, you will have to do a guess work or you can also set up tracking to get the most accurate calculation. Here is the formula to use to identify your utmost CPC:

set CPA for AdWords Campaign

Return per customer X (1-margin of return) X website conversion rate.

Let us consider that your mean return per customer is $300 and from 500 website visitors you convert 5 of them into customers, this means that you have a 1% website conversion rate. Let us consider that your business will be comfortable with 25% margin of return, then you should calculate your business’s utmost CPC in the following way:

$300 x (1-0.25) x 1% = $2.25

In addition, the thing to remember here is that your utmost CPC must be something close to that of the estimated CPC in the Keyword Tool of Google; otherwise, your business will be in trouble. For instance, with your utmost CPC at $2.25 and the estimated CPC for a keyword is $8, then you will have no other option other than increasing either your profit per customer or your conversion rate before you can start a profitable marketing campaign with that keyword.

  1. Considering competitive intelligence:

spying competitor sites

This is yet another best practice and after you are confident that you can afford to a specific keyword, the next thing you will have to do is to bring down the risk by taking the best advantage of the competitor intelligence. For this, you can make use of the effective tool called as keywordSpy that will provide complete details about your competitors’ historical marketing campaign.

  1. Creating Powerful USP:

The first and foremost reason to create a powerful USP, where USP stands for Unique Selling Propositions is that it will help with generation of more traffic and it will also help with getting rid of unwanted leads. Secondly, it is something that will increase your sales conversion rate to a great extent. Thirdly, a powerful USP will help with elimination of price comparison shopping.

  1. Irresistible offer:

Irresistible offer

When you provide your prospects with irresistible offer, they will be forced to take action. The four components of an irresistible offer encompass value, belief, reducing or nullifying risks and call to action.

  1. Compelling ads:

Growth advertisement strategy

With AdWords search marketing, you will be paying only when people click on your advertisements. So, your ads have two crucial roles to play. They should attract qualified prospects, such that they can click on your ads as against your competitors’ ads. Also, the ads should be prepared in such a way that unqualified prospects should resist from clicking them.

  1. Congruent landing pages:

World Wide Web sites

When the visitors after having attracted by your ads click them and reach your website, they should see what was advertised and the keyword on that they clicked should land them to the appropriate website. So, you should remember this and the visitors should never feel frustrated about clicking an inappropriate advertisement.

  1. Conversion tracking:

Conversion tracking is the most important practices to follow. Otherwise, you will not be in a position to understand the keywords that are generating traffic, when you have used many of them. Also, it will help you in identifying keywords that are bringing losses, such that you can stop those campaigns.

  1. AdWords settings:

first campian

AdWords settings also can play an important role in the success of your campaign. In fact, it will help with easy setting up of your campaign. Even though, there are many default settings, there are certain settings to watch out under the categories of negative keywords, keyword match types, device bids and search Vs. Display.

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When you follow the best practices mentioned above right from the start of your Google AdWords campaign, you can be rest assured about the success.

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