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There is no dearth for innovations at Google to the dismay of the competitor. Google Drive service template is being extensively used by households, business, even management, educational institutions, workshops, etc. Mainly to ease out the hurdles and time wastage, people prefer to have the templates. It could be for editing or formatting of the documents, slides, sheets, budget, etc. The monotony and repetitive nature of the work can be reduced to a great extent by using Google templates.. Now you can have more free  time than before.

Get started with a bang

A variety of professional and functional templates are available from Google, to reduce the midnight oil you burn considerably. You can safely ignore the tedious formatting or incorporate of formulas in your documents or sheets.

Google Forms Template

A feedback survey on a Google Forms template on a variety of categories is available. Take for example the simple RSVP template. Starting with the usual ‘yes or no’ confirmation, address, and some attendees are there, in case the invitee want to say something more in a text format, a separate column is provided. And you would like to know where the information has reached them. Also, usual details like the venue, time as well as sender’s address and contact information can be entered with ease. In short, all those small things you may tend to forget if manually done will be taken care of by Google templates.

More templates on a plate

Another set of templates available in documents is for a resume, letters, brochures, etc. For example in brochure template, you can select the image, replace the picture and the search features. Most of the pictures are royalty free as well. The slide template also would be convenient for making the documents perfect.

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Google spreadsheet template

If you want to create a file with a particular purpose, for example, a resume in Docs, a budget plan in Sheets, or a project proposal in Slides, you can quickly get started by using a template.

Template Search

Finding the right template for each application like documents, sheets, slides, etc. is also very easy. From the computer’s home screen, the useful templates can be searched on for documents. Similarly, and can be searched for sheets and presentations respectively

Google Docs template

(More details on templates are available at

On the outset, Google templates are useful in making a document, sheet or slide much more professional. And the best template available today is from Google.


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