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Swap your Primary Domain Name with ease within the Admin Console

The introduction of domain names gave businesses a new and much more visible way of increasing their brand value. It revolutionized brand creation process and techniques, earlier it used to take years and years to get the consumers or your customer and potential customers to remember the name of your brand.

Then came the domain name era!

Every business can now direct there users to a particular domain name of Google Apps, to login into any service they are offering, be it a hotel that offers its guests certain additional benefits or a gym that allows its members to login into their app and reserve training sessions.

In fact, there are certain medical services that offer their patients different programs, where they can upload their charts and test results from anywhere around the world, and can still get advice from their preferred doctor. All this and a lot more became possible because of the domain names.


However, when you wish to change the said domain name, because you want to re-brand your business, highlights the services that you are offering now, which may be the polar opposite, from what it used to be just a few years ago. Then the same domain name becomes an issue, as changing it was never very easy.

Thankfully, with a new release from Google, that issue has been resolved to a great extent. Now, you can rename your personal or business primary domain name, right from your admin console.

You can follow a few simple steps and rename or we should rather say, swap you primary domain name with any of your registered secondary domain name. Though, it is prudent to mention that you need to have a secondary domain name first. Also, the Reseller will have to be notified before the change, if you had purchased your Google App license from one of them.

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Though, right now you cannot change Standard edition domains, Reseller accounts and few other similar accounts.

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