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Suspend User account in Google Apps

Suspend User

If any of your user left the company or you want to block any user for some particular period, suspend user, all data of that user will be safe and he will be restricted to use their account and we can restore that account in future, that we will learn in next tutorial.

Here we will learn about how to suspend users.



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Welcome to my tutorial on suspending an user in admin console. So in Google apps you can go to the Users console, then you can select the particular user whom you want to suspend in the admin console. Suppose i want to suspend this user, i click on the user name and it redirects me to his profile. When you click on this option here you will get a suspend user option. Clicking on suspend user will show a pop-up, where you will be shown same points you need to look upon before suspending the user. You can read the points and then when you click the suspend user. The user would be suspended from the admin console. Now you can see the status of the user is suspended. So the suspension of user can only be necessary when the user is leaving the company or when the user is not anymore needed to have a account in the admin console. If you like my tutorials do not forget to like subscribe and share!!

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Descriptive Explanation:

As You have seen the video you would have understood how to suspend users. If still you have confused please follow the below steps(with screenshot) :

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For suspending user first Go to users console from admin console Dashboard.


Admin Console


and search the user (to whom you want to suspend)and open the user’s profile.


Suspend user


There you will find the suspend user option as in screenshot.Click on suspend user ,you will get one notification window that user will be restricted for any services of your domain .


Suspend user Confirmation


After confirming by clicking suspend user, you will get a notification on screen that user has been successfully suspended.

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