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Still thinking of having your own site? Check out Google Sites features for free

In this internet era most of us would love to have a website for ourselves – a family website or a company website. The Google Sites provides you the option to create an intranet for the company or project site for the team. This can be used by students also to create a project site for their team, which means they do not have to rely on web designers or specialist which is costly. Let us take a look at the features of the Google Sites that makes it a hot proposition in the world wide web.

Ease of use:-

Google sites creation

The Google Sites is by far the easiest web designing tool. It enables you to develop the web site (web pages) with just the click of the mouse. You are not required to have any coding knowledge, neither do you have to depend on the skills of a developer to get your site and its content right. There is almost zero requirement for the HTML codes, making the design process a simple WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) method. You can create interactive and dynamic pages by just a few clicks. You get to choose from an array of templates and themes on how your website should look like.

It is free:-

The Google Sites is a blessing for individuals who have a need to build web sites but are burdened by financial constraints. All you need to have is a domain registered in your name. This service is provided totally free of cost, though for additional enhancement there would be a nominal fee. In fact, even in the free version you get 100MB of storage space which is more than sufficient for a regular website. All you need to have a is a Google account (the Gmail account which almost everyone has!).

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Easy embedding of other content:-


Google Sites offers you the flexibility of adding other content into it. You can easily embed Google Drive files (Google doc files, drawings, images, folders, forms, Google Sheets spreadsheets, Google Slide presentations, and videos) into your Google Site, giving you the facility to add the desired content from your personal collection. What more, you can also embed any number of Google Calendars and Google Maps in your website.

Access and share content:-

site sharing settings

The Google sites enables you to configure setting to enable other users to access the content on the website created using it as well as share the allowed content. Currently, Google Sites provides 3 levels of permissions – Owner, Editor and Viewer. Owners possess full permission to alter the content and design of the entire Google Site, while editors can only change the content of the site. Viewers are only allowed to view the web site.

Track and revert changes:-

Track and return

As a newbie trying to build your first website, you may be quite excited. You may end up trying too many things and then wish the first one was the right one. The track and revert changes is a feature of Google Sites that will help you identify the changes that you have made to the website and then restore them.

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Google site structure

The Google sites provides you the simplicity to build a family website and at the same time offers you robust features that can be used to build even company intranet sites with enhanced level of configuration.

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We see that the Google Sites offers a structured website creation tool that can be used by anyone to create a website with very little effort. The Google Sites tool has been a boon to the less techie folks in designing web sites while also catering to the need of individuals requiring complex configuration for their website.

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