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Steps to download an app from Google PlayStore

The smart phone that you are holding is almost useless if you cannot install the mobile Apps into it. That is one of the main aspects that separate smart phones from other phones. Everyone has a mobile app for their service these days. Travel agencies, social networks, banks and even TV shows have their own mobile Apps. Mobile Apps are relatively small programs to elevate the functionality in a more user friendly way.

Even though all smartphone brands come with pre-installed apps users may want to install more apps for their use. All platforms provide you a store to download the Apps. Be it Windows or iOS or apps

The store provided by Android is called as PlayStore and the latest version is 6.5.08. This service is used to update the mobile Apps installed in Android device and to download an app from Google PlayStore. It is very easy to download an app from Google PlayStore. We take a look at the steps involved in downloading an app from Google PlayStore.

How to download an app from Google PlayStore?

  1. In your android smartphone go to applications from home screen.
  2. Open PlayStore by tapping on it.
  3. If you know the name of the mobile App type the name in the search bar and select the App you want to store
  4. If you do not know the name of the mobile app search with keywords describing the function of the App. You will get all the possible mobile Apps that meet your requirements.
  5. Select the Google App you want to install and touch on ‘install’ button.install app
  6. This opens up a window asking you the permission to give access to the features and other already installed Apps for the new App to work properly.
  7. The mobile app will be installed automatically in the device if it is a free App. If it’s a paid App you will have to give the payment information in order to install it.
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These are the steps needed to download an app from Google PlayStore. But before downloading ensure you have added a Google account in your Android device. You can add the Google Account when you set up the device for the first time or can be added later in the ‘Accounts’ option from settings. If you have more than one Google account set up in your device make sure you have selected the correct account before downloading an app. Go to Google PlayStore, to the top left corner you will the drop down menu. Tap on it and it will show the account selected and an arrow mark.  Tap on the arrow mark and select the account you want to use to download an app from Google PlayStore.

So, start downloading the apps that you intend to use on your Android Smartphone from the Google PlayStore. I am sure once you get used to this, you will be spoilt for choice as the PlayStore is a repository with innumerable apps and choosing the best one from almost unlimited number of options is a difficult task!

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