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Start painting with google tilt brush: Experience the Virtual reality

Man has been inspired by art for ages. Since time immemorial, man has been trying to capture his imagination in the form of drawings, sculptures and paintings. History has seen this passion towards art make new inventions to better capture the imagination into a visual reality. In the Stone Age, rock carving was the prevalent art form, which transformed itself into sculpture and statues later on. With the invention of paper, sketches and painting became the norm to present the creative picture in a visual form. We currently live in a digital era and hence computers and digital devices are used extensively. Digital art is the new standard and with the aid of computer and other applications art is taken to a new level.

What is Google tilt brush?

For those artists complaining that there is no enough done by technology to enhance art, Google has an answer; it is the Google Tilt brush. The Tilt Brush is a new virtual reality app that enables you to paint from an entirely new perspective by adding the virtual elements to the real world picture. The magic in the wand is out there for you to experience.

google_tilt brush

With the Google Tilt brush you can think beyond the two dimensional art that used to be created in charts, papers, canvases and sheets, or even a software application for that matter. Using the Google Tilt Brush, you can paint in three-dimensional space – all X, Y and Z coordinates. Let’s face it, the real world is three-dimensional, then why should our art be otherwise. Tilt Brush lets you draw and color in 3D space with the aid of virtual reality. Bring your creative images to life with three-dimensional brush strokes, and add stars, snowflakes, light, or fire to it as your imagination takes. The room you are in becomes your canvas (or a blank slate), while your palette becomes your imagination. This virtual reality feature unlocks endless possibilities to create what you want.

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The Options

The dynamic brushes help you bring your imagined effects to life and the intuitive interface is good for both experts and newbies. Since the painting is done in a virtual reality interface, you can literally walk in the room as you paint it. You also have the option to share your masterpiece as a gif (graphical image format) image. Well, you are reading about the technology that is going to become a standard in the future. People then will do away with two dimensional imaging options and options for a more real experience. As of now the options to use Google Tilt brush are limited. It is only available through the HTC Vive (a Virtual reality device), by installing “Steam” (an online gaming platform). People who have tried the Google Tilt have been amazed by the effect it lets you add to the image and the sheer excitement that virtual reality bring to your creativity.

The Virtual reality device industry is still in the nascent stage and soon you will come across multiple devices that would support the Google Tilt Brush. Till then the HTC Vive is the only option. Welcome to the world of virtual reality!

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