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Google is at it again- innovation. This time, Google has introduced a Smart reply Gmail inbox. This tool is a virtual assistant to you to take care of promptly responding your email. Without any delay, without any fuss, leaving the sender no loophole to complain as the email gets automatically answered. In fact, not one, but three different response options come to your rescue.Armed with many features into the Google’s Gmail, the latest one is the smart reply.  The machine learning capability of Google comes in handy for this unique characteristic. The hitherto mobile app based facility is now on the web as well. The partners are on the rise almost on a daily basis.

smart reply

Automatic reply

The machine scans the entire message and decides whether an urgent reply is sought. This is an inbuilt provision to the Gmail, which will prepare the response automatically. Besides this is a huge time saver, this is also an embarrassment saver. In fact, the logical analysis of the message by the machine reading software will decide whether to reply as well as what to reply. The smart reply is based on the algorithm based neutral underground network. At last, the artificial intelligence is put into practice for the first time since the evolution of emails.

Good or bad?

There is a mixed reaction to this innovative idea; some say it invades the privacy. Some say reply goes to those who do not deserve a reply at all. To some others, the feature itself should be avoided as it is the receiver to decide the course of action and not the machines. But Google has a ready-made answer that any human beings do not read the mails but only machines. And according to them even though not explicitly tools, that machines are smarter they human.

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This inbuilt provision cannot be disabled. But the user can choose the machine selected action by editing or insert your reply. This nifty feature on the web put other email providers bit far behind. As a virtual assistant, this little program can reduce your spending time in writing unnecessarily long replies. Adding to your replies with funny emotions called emoji makes this feature enthuse young and old alike. This novel feature was introduced by the end of last year.


Smart reply system coupled with the Smart Gmail inbox changes the way in which the email communication is getting revolutionized. Whether it is a scheduled meeting or a holiday, you are at ease with the Smart reply feature. The emoji suggestions are magic to the conventional conversational mode. The receiver can feel the pulse of the sender who is full of passion. In front of the partners, Smart reply will project a real and honest you

Now the Gmail can be as friendly as personal and business alike. No more open mail in the inbox leaving your friends and associated no chance to grumble. You are no longer a random person, but responsible, prompt and punctual. No wonder the patronage for Smart reply in is an exponential range.


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