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Share real-time location and trips with Google maps

Where are you, Jack? When will you reach? Are you stuck in traffic? We hear these type of question every day. So answering these question is now just a tap away. Google Maps has launched a new option to share your real-time location with your friends. You don’t need to go out from the app to share real-time location. Tapping few times will send your location to your friends.

Here’s how you share real-time location:

  • Go to Google Maps App in your device.
  • Tap on the blue dot to map your location to your current location or just open the side menu.
  • Now open the side menu, there you can see a new option  ‘Share Location.’ Tap on the Share location.
  • Select the time limit for which you want to share with your friends.
  • Select your contacts with whom you want to share your real-time location, and you are done.

You can send your share link to any friend, family member or colleague in any messenger apps available on your device and they can see your current location on their google maps. You can see an icon on your map as a reminder of the shared location. You can stop the sharing your location anytime you want.

share real-time location

You can also share the trip progress from navigation, and your friend will get your real time location for your whole trip. They can see the expected time of your arrival as per the traffic and your route in their google maps.

  • Open your trip details and click on more.
  • Then tap ‘Share trip progress.’
  • Now, select the contact with whom you want to share the trip, and it’s done.
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Your friends can follow your whole trip in their google maps and can see the arrival time. The location sharing will be stopped automatically once you reach the destination.

share real-time location and trips


So now answer the questions like ‘where are you ?’ and ‘when will you reach?’ with just a tap from your device.

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