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How to set up your first ad with Google Adwords

What is Google AdWords

Every day millions of people are using Google to search for services, products or information. This is the most used website as search engine. Whoever wants to do business or who is already in the market will need an effective advertising planning. Google AdWords is a paid (You will pay only if the user click on your Ad) service to help you draw traffic to your website.

How to setup your first ad with Google AdWords?


  • Create an account in Google AdWords: In order to set up first ad with Google AdWords you have to create an account with AdWords.

Google Adwords

  • Find out the key words for your Ad: Before going ahead and creating your first ad with Google AdWords decide on the keywords you are going to bid. For this first you have to understand your product and then think like a customer. Think like your customer; what will you use as the keyword to get the seeking result. Avoid using very general words as key words and also decide based on the location you are going to market your product. Another option is to use the Keyword Tool in AdWords.


  • Select Campaign type: Log into your AdWords account and click on “Create your first campaign” and selected your campaign type. Since you are creating the first ad with Google AdWords, I would suggest select only “Search Network” option. Then select the geography where your ad should be displayed and the device.

adwords first ad

  • Budget & Bidding: Now you have to set the budget and the bidding strategy for your first ad with Google AdWords. You can set to manually set your bid amount or allow AdWords to set it. Better option is to do it manually. So set the default bid and budget for your Ad. You will charged only when a potential customer clicks on your Ad.
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Set budget and bid

  • Ad Extensions: Next is adding the Ad extensions like call extensions, site links extensions, Mobile App extensions etc., Then you can schedule the ad in the advanced settings. But since you are creating the first ad with Google AdWords it is better to forget about these advanced setting for now.


  • Create Ad Campaign: Next is creating the Ad Campaign. Here you will enter the Ad headline, second headline and all other Ad text. Its better you add your keywords in headline as much as possible.

set campaign

  • Set bid amount for keywords: Enter the keywords in the field for keywords and set the bid amount for each keyword. Set this amount wisely because if you bid a high-cost keyword that will exhaust the budget fast and your Ad will only be displayed for a part of the day not for 24 hours.

Set up billing

  • Save billing details: At the end give billing details. You are done with creating your fist Ad with Google AdWords.


Above are the steps for creating your first Ad campaign using Google AdWords. Before concluding this article I would suggest you to review your Ad and keywords to ensure that they match so that the Ad will increase your website’s CTR (Click through rate). You are done with creating your first ad with Google AdWords; just keep on reviewing and editing your Ad Campaign according to the performance of your Ad.

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