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Search all the Google apps in one go: The Integrated search

If you use several different Google applications for your day to day work or personal organizing, then you have probably faced the problem of searching for the same information in different Google apps, like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and other similar apps.

Most times we don’t remember the exact place or the document or the apps, where we have saved important data, or which app may contain relevant data for the work we are currently doing.

So, we end up searching the same information multiple times, and even after that some of us may not feel comfortable about the search results, as the feeling of missing out on some data may keep niggling at the back of the mind.

This may be one of the reasons, why a lot of users have requested for the integrated search option, something similar to what we get while searching content on Chrome, as it can search multiple sites at the same time. integrated-search-in-google

Thankfully, Google came up with the integrated search option that will search for information in all the apps at the same time, regardless of the app or apps you are working in. In fact, this option is now available for all “G Suite Basic” and “G Suite Business” users.

Going a step forward

The new integrated search option uses the latest technology by Google, which allows it to search a lot more intelligently than ever before.

This new addition will show you results based on what you are doing, or what you are working on. In simpler words, it will try to understand what you are trying to accomplish and show results based on that, along with the normal search results.

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When you search for information, the top will show all the typical results, and then in the second section of the search results, you will see the broadened related search, like emails, documents, contacts, and even calendar events.

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