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Schedule meeting smartly in google calendar

We have already seen the updates with google calendar some months ago, Google has released a new update, which helps you to book the calendar resources i.e. meeting rooms etc in a smarter way.

Google has improved the room suggestion option and find timing feature in the google calendar web.

Smarter Room Suggestions:

whenever you book a room in your calendar, Google will suggest you the names of the meeting rooms (google calendar) as per your history of booked rooms by you and your guests and then you can search or browse the rooms as per your requirement.

Find Timings 

Now finding time will become easier with this new update. you can see the free-busy timings for your guest’s calendar in their time zone. 

When you go to ‘Find a time’ tab, you can see the meeting time availability of your guest in his time zone, if they are in different time zone.

To know more about sharing the calendars and time zones, visit here.

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