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Reset Password

We have already learnt about managing users in the last tutorials, here we will learn about reset password for your domain users.

If user forgot his password then you can reset password for user as user will not get option to forgot password to change his password. You can enable the ‘change password on next sign-in ‘ feature for users.



Hello guys, Welcome to my tutorials on Google apps. In this tutorial i will tell you how you can reset user’s password in admin console so when you go to the Users console. Click on particular user profile here, in the user’s profile go to the drop-down here you see an option Reset password. When you click here you can see there are two options ‘set password’ and ‘auto generate password’. When you click on auto generate password, it will generate a password of its own. You can either select ‘Require a change of password in the next sign-in’ because as you are auto generating the password the user may want to set his password of his own choice. If you deselect also you can reset the password. Also you can set the password as your own will. I set the password here, i retyped it. Its showing too short, add more characters, i choose ‘Require a change of password in next sign-in’ and reset it, so password is reset for user account. There is a sent email option here, so the admin or super-admin who reset the password here can mail to the user to his alternative account that the user holds rather then this account as the password has been set, so i choose an email ID here that the user holds, any alternative ID. If i choose this option it will also copy the email to me and then hit on send, so email sent successfully. So the password has been reset and the reset password has been sent to the user with the copy to who reset the password.

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Thank you.

Descriptive Explanation:

If you are still not clear about reset password then please follow the steps (with screenshot) below:

First you have to open users console from admin console dashboard


Admin Console


Then open the users profile whose password you want to reset by searching the name in the search bar or by clicking the user’s row in user’s list


User's Profile


After clicking reset password one window will pop-up where you have to enter the new password for user or you can click in auto-generate password, it will generate some random password for user.and you can also enforce user to password change in the next log-in by ticking up the check box.


reset password


Then click on RESET. Now password is reset for the user. in the next window you can send the new generated password to that user (in any other email ID) through mail.


Send mail after resetting pswrd


Hooray !! we have reset the password for user. If you have any doubts please contact us in the below comment section. We will be happy to clarify your doubts.

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