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How to reset Gmail password

Gmail being the most preferred email service for millions in this planet, it is going to be a difficult task if you either forget your password or someone else gain access to it. When it was first launched on April 1st 2004, little did we know that our Gmail ID and password was going to be the key to many a Google services. Ever since our dependability on the Gmail credentials have grown remarkably. With the Gmail ID being essential to use an Android device and the host of features it carry your Gmail password is your virtual passport to the cyber space. Forgetting your Gmail password can nullify all the features that you enjoy being part of the Google family.

Why would you want to reset Gmail password?

Gmail security - password management

Typically, one would reset Gmail password under two circumstances:

  1. You want to reset Gmail password because you suspect someone else to have gained access to your login credentials. In this case, you are aware of your login credentials. Hence, you can log in to your Gmail account and then change Gmail password.
  2. You forgot your Gmail password and are banking on the Gmail password recovery options. Here, you are not able to log in to your Gmail account and have to first validate that you are indeed the user you claim to be before you proceed with the steps for Gmail password recovery.
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How to change Gmail Password:-

  1. Log on to your Gmail account settings page ( using the credentials.
  2. In the “Sign-in & security” section, chose Signing in to Google.
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change password

  1. Choose password and enter your new password information, then select Change Password. This is the process to change Gmail password.


reset gmail password

Steps for Gmail password recovery:-

  1. Go to Gmail and click “Need help”. This will take you to the Google Account Recovery page where you have to choose “I don’t know my password” and click Continue. If you are not able to find the “Need help” option please visit this page and follow the same steps.
  2. In the next page for the question “Having Trouble signing in” choose “I don’t know my password”. Enter your Gmail ID and click Continue.

accounts recovery

  1. Follow the onscreen instructions to reset your password. You would need the mobile number associated with the account as a verification code would be sent to it in a text message.


Following the steps for Gmail password recovery and to change Gmail password mentioned above should help you successfully reset Gmail password to one of your choice.

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