Register Google Apps for Work

Register in Google apps for Work

Google Apps for Work encapsulate easy administration and management of users. It is a paid service provided by Google. Which contains all Google services, products and customized domain name(not You can also manage the Google product and services with respect to users of your domain.


Hello Guys, Welcome to my tutorials on Google apps. Google apps basically will be helpful for you to do user management and to maintain different applications and happenings of your organisation. Its a cloud based platform which will be providing you all types of Google apps and services. So i think you will be getting most out of it. So lets see how you can register through Google apps, Google apps for work to be precise. Because Google apps may range from G-mail, drive and other services which Google provides in a free version also.
Google apps for Work is a paid version where you will be having customize domain mail address like. I will show you in this tutorials lets go ahead. So this is the page where you can sign up with Google apps for work, you can go to this link or when you search in Google you will get this link is there to register in  for Google apps for work, So here it basically involves 3 steps ,1 , 2 , and  3 as you can see. Here you have to enter your first name, last name and other details. i will enter some dummy entries here for you. So you can enter any current email address that is your company email address or any other email address which you have.
You can define your number of employee and the country and phone number and other details which it is asking. When you go to the next step then you need to add a domain, so basically as you are registering this for your company you need to add your company domain here as a primary domain. Suppose you are setting up a company and you do not have a domain yet, then you can purchase the domain from any domain registrar like go daddy or any other domain registrar you find on the internet. So you can buy the new domain from here. Which it mentioned its starting cost is 8$ a year and automatic email setup is included, but you can also include a domain which you have already purchased. So most of the time you must have purchased the domain already because your company may be existing from before any other platforms or you may be trying to migrate to Google apps due to the innumerable services that you get from the Google Apps. So let me add a domain here. I will add a sub domain here basically.
I will go over to tell you what a sub domain is, but as of now i added a domain. So now at the third step, you have to create your user name so you will get a customized user name it will not be as in the free version. It will be i will give anything, you can give, you can create password and other details and when you finally enter the captcha and agree to the Google apps agreement, then you can accept and sign up so this will be the final step.
After registering here you will be redirected to this page, so i already registered the domain from before to let you know what are the steps. So when you already registered here in this module, it will be redirected to page like this. Where you will see you have already set up a business account so this will be ticked. It is a 3 steps process and then you can add people to Google apps account. Add people to Google apps account as in add users to the Google apps account or your employees depending upon your organisational size. You can also skip the step and you can add users later as you will see in my upcoming tutorials add users individually or add users in bulk. Then we go to the next step, you can choose i added all the users.
So in the third step verify your domain and setup email you will see its very brief and very detailed procedure which will guide you on how to add your domain verification string to the domain registrar. As i added the domain verification string already here. So this domain is already verified. You can see the various options like. It looks like your domain is hosted with godaddy, open the godaddy website in new tab and login. So i have already successfully logged in. it is asking me to go to the control panel of the domain, i have opened the control panel. Now this is the verification string which you need to add TXT record here, which i already added. You can add a record here by clicking on add a record option. You choose which type of record it is, So it is txt  record you put the value, this value here (verification string) and you can choose TTL 1 hour.
I am not adding because i have added here already.Then i will click on I added the txt verification, save the txt record and verify, I saved the txt. Go to the control panel of your domain, I have opened now it is another important step. Now as you have already verified your domain. You need to set-up email. So for setting up email you need to add some records which is known as MX records or Mail exchanger records. So these MX records are the ones which allows your domain to pass through Google servers. So these are the MX records of Google which you need to add here. See i already added here mail exchanger records which will be shown by Google. You need to add here by adding a record here. You choose mail exchanger here and you add here. priority is something which i will tell you. So if you define priority as 1, then when a mails comes to Google it will first pass through this server.
If it is failing to pass through this server. It will choose the next priority that is 5. We have defined 2 servers at the same priority so it will check for these servers at the last the priority which is defined as 10, it will check for them. So basically you can defined as 1 ,2,3,4,5 too, But generally its defined in this way 1,5,5,10,10.this is the priority which is given by Google already so you will not find any difficulty in defining it here.Once you set up the mail exchanger records. You will be able to, your users in  Google apps will be able to email. I created the new MX records. I saved the MX records. Now you can verify now you can click on verify domain and setup email. So this will take some time, after that you will see that your domain is already verified, mail is already verified and you are ready to go and use Google apps, so all the best in registering and performing these steps to add your business or domains into  Google apps.
Watch my next tutorials for details on other Google services settings and configuration that you needs to do in Google apps.

Descriptive Explanation:

As i think video was able to make you understand the registration process in Google apps, but if you think you need some more to reference to create google apps account, then follow the below steps:
For signing up in Google apps first you need to buy a domain or you can buy through Google also.
For sign up Google apps for work. Go to sign up
Sign up Page
you will see the page with some filling options like name, email address, business name etc. Fill these required info and click on next, you will be directed to a page where you need to enter your domain details.If you already have domain, put the domain name and if you don’t have then you can buy it from Google , select the 2nd option i don’t have a domain and you will see the options to buy a new domain.
After filling your domain name click on next.
Asking domainwhile sign up
After clicking next you will get page to set your user name and password. After filling these data tick the check box for agreeing the google apps terms and conditions and then click on Accept and Sign up.
Final step for sign up
After Clicking on Accept and Signup you will be redirected to  login page for Google apps admin console.Just put your email Id and password and Log in you will be redirected to a page where you can see 3 steps
1.sign up your business account: this will be ticked already as you have signup the Google apps for work.
2. Add users: You can add users at this time or you can add users later.If you will add users later then choose the ADD users later and  then go to the next step.
SET up business account
3. ‘Verify the Domain ownership‘.Copy the google site verification string and add as TXT record in your domain registrar account. (Godaddy, big rock).
verify domain
And after adding as TXT record. Click on verify in the Google settings page.
ADD records
AFter verifying the domain you need to set up the MX records(Mail exchanger)  in your Domain management page of Domain registrar page.MX (Mail exchanger) records are  the ones which allows your domain to pass through Google servers.So Google has its own set of MX records you have to just copy and paste the records in your domain MX records field in Domain management.
MX records And TXT records
After Verifying ownership of domain/Adding the MX record click on verify domain and setup email.It will take some time and you will be redirected to Admin Console.
Verify domain and email setup
And After Login into your new account if you have directed to admin console without verifying domain, steps/ not as in the video ,then don’t worry please follow next tutorial to verify domain and add MX records from admin console.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, Please write to us in case of any confusion or doubts. Thanks 🙂
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